Orlando Hudson: Home Fans Aren’t Supposed to Boo Their Players

The San Diego Padres are tied with the Houston Astros for the worst record in baseball. They’ve scored the fewest runs in MLB (only 70 through 25 games) averaging fewer than three runs per game. This was supposed to be a “rebuilding year” after the team traded Adrian Gonzalez to Boston, but they signed Brad Hawpe, Jorge Cantu, and Orlando Hudson to try and improve the offense. The problem is Cantu and Hawpe have been unproductive while Hudson has only been slightly better. Some fans have responded by booing the team, and that hasn’t sat well with Hudson.

Pad fans keep supporting us we need yall behind us. Home fans aren’t suppose 2 boo ur own players” Hudson wrote on twitter. He responded to a fan saying “trust me boos don’t bother me at all lil shawty. Cause where I’m from u better have thick skin.” Then Hudson compared Padres fans to St. Louis fans “I have seen Cardinal fans cheer a guy when he was struggling an I was like wow dats tight.”

Apparently Hudson missed the part about Ryan Franklin complaining earlier this season that St. Louis fans were booing him, but that’s besides the point.

Hudson continued to respond to fans on twitter.

yeah but ppl are booing my man Hawpe dat ain cool. U should look up his stats b4 booin … let me tell u sumn dog Ludwick an Hawpe can play in my lineup everyday bud. U better check da back of there baseball cards.”

I really like how Hudson is sticking up for his teammates and defending them in the face of criticism. I also understand why he wants fans to support the team rather than boo them. But just like Hudson says home fans aren’t supposed to boo their players, Cantu, Hawpe, Ludwick, Venable, Hudson, Headley, Bartlett, aren’t supposed to be hitting below .250 with an OPS lower than .700.

Booing players is a personal choice that doesn’t necessarily demonstrate high character, but it is a fan’s right. I understand Hudson’s position, but he has to realize there’s going to be immeasurable fan disappointment with an offense that is the worst in baseball. He really should be happy they continue to buy tickets to support a team with an offense that bad. Seriously though, we shouldn’t be surprised by what Hudson says — he’s always been known to speak his mind.

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  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    What a joke these spoiled athletes are becoming. They can boo all day long if they like. If the fan doesnt use his hard earned money to attend the game then you dont make millions playing a sport. If you dont live up to expectation expect to hear it from fans who want more.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I am empathetic towards players who are struggling, but well put Chad

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tanner-Shurtz/1391138783 Tanner Shurtz

    Hudson…. learn how to type.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LQIS4FNEMSNDGVWKWVXOI6KMLQ Paul

    I’ve said it before – if I were an agent I wouldn’t allow my clients to have twitter accounts. Twitter is like email on steroids for showing the world how stupid and illiterate you are – and of course stupid, illiterate people aren’t bright enough to understand that. Not just talking about athletes, either – and not to mention the temptation of wanting to sound off to the world when you are drunk or high on something.

  • Anonymous

    Hudson needs to shut up and hit the ball. He is making 4 million dollars for playing a game. People making far less are the ones paying his way and are entitled to cheer or boo as they see fit. Most times they don’t boo unless it is well deeserved. Hit the ball, catch the ball, pitch the ball like a Major Leaguer should and the boos will stop, it’s up to the players…..Hudson needs to spend some of that 4 million on a course in 3rd grade english