Sammy Sosa vitiligo

Sammy Sosa vitiligo

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  • Deniggafied

    This man obviously hates himself. Why would any person with any racial or ethic respect for his or herself commit this hideous crime against their own body. Scientifically removing his own pigment to be accepted? What are you going to do have your kids dyed too. Melanin is a genetically superior trait or component of the human body or make up. Not to say a white person or black person with minimal melanin is inferior but being without melanin leaves a hue-man-being exposed to a host environmental illnesses and other physical disadvantages. Just goes to show black folks are not far from cooning and acting niggardly. I guess this ignorant buck believes he was cursed before he drank his mighty whitey tonic. A nigga minded man, makes stones seem soft. This is sad. People wake up.

  • Sammi

    He’s an asshole. An idiot a fool,