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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Rangers Fan ‘Napo-Lee’ Jersey Shows Texas is Over Losing Cliff Lee (Picture)

No fan base wants to lose its best pitcher via free agency, but a return trip to the World Series the following season is the most ideal way to ease the pain.  The Rangers would obviously like to have Cliff Lee as a member of their current pitching staff, but they made the right choice by letting another team spend a fortune on him.  They also made the right choice in trading for Mike Napoli.  Mike Scioscia may not be willing to call the Napoli trade a disaster just yet, but I’m sure the Rangers are willing to call it a huge success.  Props to this Rangers fan for figuring out a way to support Napoli and forget about Lee without even having to buy a new jersey.

Now that’s what I call knowing how to improvise.  We already knew Rangers fans do weird things like rock fake mustaches and execute home run throwbacks better than any fan base in the league.  It’s also nice to see they appreciate the value of a dollar.

H/T to Deadspin for sharing the picture with us.

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