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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Robert Fick admits he used steroids, guesses baseball is 90 percent clean

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Robert Fick, a one-time all-star with the Detroit Tigers who spent 10 seasons in the big leagues from 1998-2007, admitted on Thursday that he used steroids twice during his career. Fick told My Fox LA that he used steroids to help him recover from an injury rather than to boost his performance. He also said he thinks MLB’s drug testing program has helped clean up the game.
Robert Fick
“I believe baseball’s really cleaned it up,” Fick told KTTV. “Back when all the testing started, I believe a lot of guys were on something to try to stay on the field and put up numbers. If I was to throw a number out there today, I might say the game is probably 90 percent cleaned up. They’ve done a really good job. The testing is strict.”

Fick admitted he tried steroids during his career.

“I’ve tried it, yeah. Two times. I never did it when I was in the offseason trying to lift weights, get stronger to hit home runs. I was a young player. I had three or four shoulder injuries and I was told it would help me get back on the field, stay on the field. I separated my shoulder in 2000 — they called it a third-degree separation — I got on some juice, and next thing you know, at 3-4 weeks I was back in the lineup.”

Fick tried to explain the psychology behind players using steroids.

“The reason guy’s do it is to make the money, to get the long-term deal,” Fick said.

But then he seemed to contradict himself with another answer.

“I believe guys juice because they want to stay on the field, not because they want to hit home runs.”

If guys are doing it to make money, then doesn’t that mean they’re juicing for more than recovery purposes?

Many people claim ignorance when it comes to their teammates and say they don’t know what their teammates are doing away from the field. Fick said contrary to that assertion, he knew everything about his teammates, including who was using illegal substances.

“Everybody knew who was doing what and nobody cared. … The goal was to win and be in the major leagues.”

Though Fick believes testing has been mostly successful, he thinks MLB could do more. Fick believes a one strike and you’re out policy would really deter players from using illegal substances.

Another notable opinion from Fick is that he says most people are fooled into thinking that it’s just hitters juicing, rather than the pitchers too. He said that steroids can help pitchers gain speed on their fastball and help relievers pitch on a daily basis.

Fick has been hosting an “FYI Vodcast” with former teammate/big leaguer Dmitri Young since January. Their show made headlines when they discussed the possibility of having gay teammates on an MLB team.

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