Roger Clemens: Terrible Investment

When the Yankees paid through the roof to sign Roger Clemens, I argued that the Red Sox should have out-bid them. My reasoning was simple: there weren’t many pitchers available to improve a struggling Yankees team, and locking up Roger Clemens could have been the nail in the coffin. I still stand by my reasoning, though the numbers suggest otherwise. Check out the horrific breakdown of what the Yankees ended up paying Roger Clemens:

Since the Yankees season is based on 182 days, that means Clemens salary of $28,000,022 was prorated to 115 days. Based on this, Clemens received a total of $17,690,413 for the season.

Using that number, here’s the breakdown:

Per Pitch: $10,748
Per Inning: $175,152
Per Start: $982,801
Per Win: $2,948,402

Yikes! Mark Cuban’s interest rate thinks that’s a lot of money. All I know is this: had Clemens realized he was going to make 10 grand per pitch, he probably would’ve thrown a lot more of them. Just sayin’.

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  • SpinMax

    Money well spent.


  • http://pointguardu.com nick

    Well put SpinMax well put!!!

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  • Jeff

    That is a grand idea. Teams should start paying their pitchers based on how many pitches they throw.

  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    Josh Beckett and Curt Schilling just completed an intricate hi-five to commemorate this arithmetic.

  • SK

    Of course, the Sox’ marquee pitching acquisition didn’t fare much better. Gagne was cheaper and has a rad beard though.

  • JS


    If pitchers were paid by how many pitches they throw, the starting rotation of any team managed by Dusty would be the five richest men in America.

  • Alan

    Personally, I didn’t think Clemens was a 3.00 ERA pitcher anymore. He was leaving the national league, the national league central only to go to the AL East. A boost in the numbers was to be expected.

    Not to mention, Clemens hadn’t been a difference maker in the play-offs in a while. I’m pretty sure his last three post-seasons have been disappointing.

  • Gene

    Clemens wasn’t worth it, in my opinion, but many Yankee players will tell you that the Clemens acquisition was the reason they made the playoffs. Go figure!!!