Royals announcers rip Nelson Cruz after he’s hit by pitch: ‘You’re not that good’

When Nelson Cruz was hit by a pitch in the ninth inning of the Rangers win over the Royals on Monday, nobody was surprised. Earlier in the game, Cruz hit a towering home run off of Bruce Chen and stood at home plate for a moment to admire it. Opposing pitchers generally dislike being shown up like that, so many thought Kansas City reliever Louis Coleman did what he had to do in plunking the Rangers slugger. Cruz disagreed.

As soon as he was hit in the back, Cruz stared at Coleman and began walking toward the mound. The benches cleared and everything remained under control, but Royals announcers for Fox Sports Kansas City Ryan Lefebvre and Rex Hudler blasted Cruz anyway.

“That might have something to do with all the time it took Nelson Cruz to get out of the batter’s box when he homered in the sixth inning,” they said according to the Dallas Morning News. “You don’t need to stand there that long against Bruce Chen. You’re not that good.”

Cruz said he knows he watched the ball a little bit but fluffed it off by saying “everybody does it.” The broadcast team clearly did not share the same opinion, and they even blasted Cruz for acting like he was going to charge the mound and not doing it.

“If you want a piece of him, go get him.”

“I agree with you 100 percent. If you’re going to charge the mound, don’t stand there and wait for someone to grab you. Go get him.”

We’ve shown you some pretty heated baseball fights over the years here at LBS, but in this particular instance it appears no one was more angry than the home team’s announcers. As for the brawl itself, I’ve seen more aggression in a pillow fight.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/regan.russell.3 Regan Russell

    Either the wrong audio or I’m not paying attention because I don’t hear what the writer says the announcers had to say.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Yeah, the video is from the Rangers’ feed, unfortunately. You can see what happened, but you can’t hear what the Royals announcers were saying.

  • http://www.facebook.com/juan.bobo.589 Juan Bobo

    I have ALWAYS wondered why pitchers dont get back at a batter by striking them out; they’d rather take the girly way out and hit the batter, thus putting him at risk of injury; SHAME on the announcers!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1336927250 Clay Jones

    Yes.  Cruz actually is that good.  I hope that loser pitcher was tossed.  Texas Rangers: America’s Team!  :-)

  • c_hubbard

    Can you say “sore losers”? He is VERY good.  Or did you miss the playoffs last year when he hit uh…how many homeruns to help get us to the world series?  Cry babies!

  • Clifford Burton

    THANK YOU JUAN!!! I couldn’t agree with you more about how coddled pitchers are just by the nature of how the whole scenario is set up: They throw at a batter, the batter then has to rush to the mound in order to get back at the pitcher, but he rarely gets there because the umpire and the catcher BOTH impede his progress. But even if they don’t, the pitcher’s teammates all gather around him to make sure the batter never has a chance to punch him in the face! Then idiot journalists portray THE HITTER as the instigator by saying that HE started the fight by charging the mound, instead of telling the truth–which is that the pitcher started the problem by plunking the hitter in the ribs, or on the elbow, or–worse yet– in the head. Then to complete the farce, the announcer will trot out the same old, time honored stupid  cliche–namely that the best way for the hitter to get back at the pitcher for throwing at him is to get a hit off him the next time around–if the batter isn’t carted off the field in agony…. Yet, if a pitcher strikes a hitter out, the hitter would be considered barbaric if he threw his bat at him for striking him out. Talk about a brainless double standard. But baseball higher ups will never acknowledge the insanity of this because standing in against head hunters is considered “MACHO”–even if it results in six weeks on the DL for the hitter (who was only doing his job by trying to get a hit). But the fact that the guy may end up spending six weeks on the DL followed by another three weeks getting his swing back after he returns is beside the point according to so-called baseball purists…
    It’s long past time that something was done about this eternally stupid (and dangerous) practice, so help me Tony Conigliaro, Dickie Thon and Ray Chapman…But hey, what do I know??CliffordSanta Monica