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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Russell Martin’s Kama Sutra a Hazard to His Health

Russell Martin always struck me as such a serious guy. Simply said, the dude’s a gamer. So much so that he’s played over 150 games each of the past two seasons even though he’s a catcher — a position that typically requires more rest. He always has his game face on and really doesn’t mess around. That’s why his response to questions from reporters at spring training was so funny. Check it:

When reporters asked him at one point what caused some slight discomfort he is feeling in his left foot – he underwent an MRI on Friday that came back negative – Martin joked that he might have hurt himself in the bedroom, which would have made for an interesting addition to the LBS list of weird injuries.

“Kama Sutra Position 68,” he said.

In fact, the injury is believed to have resulted from nothing more than an awkward step Martin took while walking.

Martin may have totally been joking about how the injury occurred and he may have been messing around with the writers, but you know he’s doing some of that funky stuff if he brought it up. I mean nobody brings up kama sutra out of the blue unless a good reasons prompts it. Either he’s been having some fun lately (hello Alyssa Milano!) or he and the pitchers have been enjoying some interesting reading materials in the clubhouse. Oh, and I would show a picture of position 68, but it’s only one digit away from 69, so I’m sure you get the idea.

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