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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ryan Dempster Kills it With Harry Caray Impression (Video)

Plenty of people have had a go at impersonating the legendary Harry Caray over the years.  The most successful of the bunch is probably Will Ferrell, who lit up Saturday Night Live for years with a phenomenal Harry Caray impression.  Another guy who has gotten pretty good at it is Cubs hurler Ryan Dempster.  Dempster has been fine-tuning his Caray impression for years, and he’s shown it off many times before. On this occasion, he and Rangers pitcher Derek Holland duel with their impressions:

Ferrell definitely has him beat, but for a ballplayer that impersonation is top-notch.  If he had a little time to work on it and could throw a few bits of his own in other than just reading a lineup, we might have a new champion.

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