Stripper calls out Bruce Chen and Yordano Ventura for being cheap

Yordano VenturaThe Kansas City Royals are opening up a series against the Minnesota Twins on Monday, and apparently a couple of their players decided to check out some of the local scenery when they flew into the Twin Cities on Sunday. From what we gather, pitchers Bruce Chen and Yordano Ventura dropped by a strip club. How much did that cost them?

If you believe a stripper that goes by the Twitter handle @feminstripper, the veteran Chen and his 23-year-old teammate didn’t spend much. Isabel Kennedy, who describes herself as a writer, artmaker and ass clapper, ripped Chen and Ventura in a series of tweets.

Did it ever occur to Miss Kennedy that perhaps Mr. Chen and Mr. Ventura simply didn’t enjoy the service? There are two sides to every story.

H/T Deadspin

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  • Eddie Montana

    She’s an assclapper? Then shes credible….

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