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Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Marlins Are Turning Their Outfield into a Las Vegas Hotel Marquee

If you didn’t find the new Miami Vice-themed Marlins logo to be bad enough, this will almost assuredly make you throw up. The Marlins will join the likes of the Mets, Brewers, Astros, and Angels by having a tradition after their team hits home runs. Only they won’t settle for dropping an apple, or having a dude ride down a slide, or spouting off water fountains, or letting a train go by. Oh no. They will celebrate home runs by momentarily turning the outfield into a Las Vegas hotel marquee. Peep this GIF via SB Nation to see how it will look in center field following Marlins home runs:

It’s so weird, so odd, so out of place, so garish, so absurd, so obscene, so strange … that it’s actually already growing on me. I almost like it. Almost.

Fist pound to Off the Bench, SB Nation

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