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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Tim Lincecum Drops Another Celebratory F-Bomb (Video)

If TV channels didn’t already know to keep a live mic away from Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum, then they just learned it again the hard way. A week after dropping an f-bomb during an interview after the Giants won the NL West, TBS cameras showed Lincecum celebrating San Francisco’s go-ahead run with another choice cuss word.

I believe that was a “F*** yeah! Shut up!” coming out of the pitcher’s mouth. Even though Lincecum should have known to watch his mouth for the interview a week ago, I blame TBS for airing this one. Do they expect the players to keep their language clean in the dugout during a game, particularly when the team just scored a huge run? That’s completely on them and another reminder why I can’t stand all these in-game features.

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