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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Tony Bosch reportedly supplied high schoolers with PEDs

Tony BoschNew York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez has been the biggest story to come out of Anthony Bosch’s Biogenesis of America aging clinic, but A-Rod’s use of performance-enhancing drugs may not be the most disturbing storyline. According to ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” Bosch provided numerous high school students with PEDs.

Former Biogeneis employee Porter Fischer reportedly told “Outside the Lines” that he often saw high school students that were as young as 16 and 17 come to the clinic, some of them with their fathers. Fischer said the minors were given “sports performance packages, which would include HGH and testosterone.”

Biogenesis documents obtained by “Outside the Lines” include the names of 10 Miami-area high school players with dollar amounts next to their names. “Outside the Lines” reporters who observed the Biogenesis clinic when it was open said they frequently saw young men entering and leaving the clinic.

Another Biogenesis employee who spoke under the condition of anonymity said that packages for young athletes typically included HGH and a drug called Sermorelin, which stimulates growth hormone release in the body. He said that Bosch would regularly inject young athletes with HGH and other prescription drugs even though he is not a licensed physician.

The sons of Lazaro Collazo, a longtime pitching coach at the University of Miami, were two of the high school players that were listed in the documents. Collazo insists he has no idea how their names ended up there.

“I just don’t know,” he said. “Look, I’m being polite, but you keep asking me things I don’t know about. I never got anything from Tony Bosch.”

Fischer expressed disappointment that law enforcement officials have not pursued a case against Bosch.

“[Some] of the time I would see some come in by themselves, but most of the time, their parents,” Fischer said. “But still, if a 16-year-old person can’t tan without their parents’ permission, I don’t know how in the world it’s possible that somebody can get this stuff.

“What kind of parent wants their child taking this kind of stuff?”

It’s obvious that Bosch is intent on making Rodriguez out to be the villain, which is convenient given the fact that baseball fans want answers. A-Rod is a cheater, and he deserves to be punished accordingly. That said, Bosch allegedly put the health of young athletes at risk. In my opinion, that is a far greater concern.

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