Torii Hunter says he was misquoted on comments about a gay teammate

Let the damage control begin. Over the weekend, Kevin Baxter of the LA Times published a piece that quoted Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter as saying he would be uncomfortable with a gay teammate. He said his stance was based on his Christian faith, and as expected Hunter has been getting blasted for his lack of acceptance and beliefs that many feel are outdated.

On Monday, Hunter took to Twitter to try to clarify his stance. He went the old “I was misquoted” route.

“I’m very disappointed in Kevin Baxter’s article in which my quotes and feelings have been misrepresented,” Hunter wrote. “He took two completely separate quotes and made them into one quote that does not express how I feel as a Christian or a human being. I have love and respect for all human beings regardless of race, color or sexual orientation. I am not perfect and try hard to live the best life I can and treat all people with respect. If you know me you know that I am not anti anything and to be portrayed as anti-gay in this article is hurtful and just not true.”

Most athletes like these NFL players have said they would fully accept a gay teammate. Others like Roddy White have made insensitive comments about the gay community, and we see where that leads. Hunter’s comments fall somewhere in the middle. As he has likely learned, the middle is not a place you want to be.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001257452913 Kevin Cass

    Torii Hunter is a reputable ballplayer, and one of my favorites for years. I believe he was genuinely misquoted here by Baxter, as respectable as Baxter is. Most likely a simple Journalist mistake.

  • Ed Charles

    So what if Hunter said those words. The gay community wants it’s right to be together but always bi*ch and whine when someone uses their rights to free speech

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XENJN7PAQFXU6ZCSOOU4ODPGU4 Rocky

    Here we are pushing the GAY agenda! Many Christians and non christian people even to this day believe Homosexuality is a PERVERSE and against the teachings of the BIBLE. Now the media and Homosexual sympathizers will push this down every ones throats until we accept this life style! No thank you. SIN is SIN, this country will pay a price for this perversion. The Government is already regulating marriage for Homo’s . The Government sets the SPIRITUAL standard of this country? If the head is sick then the whole body is sick!

  • http://twitter.com/ReverendJustito Reverend Justito

    These are the same hate filled jerks who cry about this perverse act while eating shell fish. Last time I checked my bible had a quote from Jesus that said love each other as I have loved you. Perhaps you should start reading the good book and practicing what it has asked you to do instead of being a hate filled bigot on a message board.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7AFJOEJW3U4GDFZJRIDANVC3M4 Wes

    Yes, a quote from a man who’s fathered four children from four different women must certainly be “reputable.” How can someone be misquoted, when their exact words ar used in a story? Unless you think this Baxter fellow didn’t record the conversation,  just used his own memory of it?

    For someone who decries a person’s natural sexuality as against his beliefs, he sure didn’t take the Bible’s passage about not letting any man putting asunder his “one flesh” very seriously. I love this duality religion creates: decry one person’s behavior in the name of one’s “beliefs,” but use those same beliefs to excuse or hide behind when their own irreputable behavior is called into question.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HITNLUSBZT67HDSOTWPL4GEHIU Eric

    Wonder where it says in the bible that it is ok for a man to become one flesh with another man?  I’m pretty sure NOWHERE is there any “acceptance” of it.

    I love YOUR judgmental tone Wes, as if you are the one who is in a position to render final say.

  • Jim

    The liberals want us all to be like them or they will seek to destroy us. The main reason why hollywood and the rest of the liberals cry out and attack us is they are up to the neck in sin themselves.

    In defending them—they defend themselves. They see no problem with severing the head of unborn child or pornography so lets not pretend they are doing this for any reason but to excuse their own filthy lifestyles. The silent majority needs to speak up and call these liars what they are.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NX3LB3FE6RKNXMLQJ65RPCP5QM David

    I wouldn’t want to shower with a homo either.  Nothing wrong with his comments.  Gays are not normal and it is ridiculous we are suppose to condone their immoral behavior.

  • fewiz

    Why are we supposed to tolerate gay behavior yet gays are not supposed to tolerate religious behavior?

    Homosexuality is a belief not basically different from a religious belief or a political belief.  There is nothing in our physical selves that predisposes us to any of those beliefs, it’s just something in our head that makes a man lust for another man or a woman, or revere a god or believe a politician’s lies.

    I’m not gay or religious and I hate all politicians.  I accept that lesbians don’t find me sexually attractive, religious zealots judge me a sinner, and politicians despise me, and I tolerate all of the people who are those things.  Why can’t gays tolerate everyone?   It seems to me that gays are just as intolerant as those they accuse.  

    Honestly, if I were forced to shower with gay guys, as Torii Hunter would be if his teammates were gay I would feel uncomfortable as well, just as a female would feel uncomfortable showering with men.  Why must someone who is born with a need to believe in a judgmental God be forced to change his beliefs and not the gay person?  

  • fewiz

    Hmm, you seem worse than Rocky, Rev.  He stated that homosexuality is a perversion and sin according to the Bible, which it is, according to the Bible.  A true statement. Then, he criticized those who seek to force him to accept their belief system (love, whether homo- or hetereo- is a belief). Which is fair.  Nothing he said was “hate-filled.”  He didn’t advocate for gays to change anything about their behavior.  He only asked for the same tolerance of his beliefs that gays ask for theirs.

    You seem to be the one hate-filled with  your personal attacks and mischaracterizations of people who don’t believe as you do.  Perhaps you should look at yourself before judging others.

  • fewiz

    For almost the entirety of mankind’s existence, very few people would claim to be homosexuals.  Even if you had offered them “immunity from persecution,” almost no one would have claimed to be homosexual.  Even if you tortured them and threatened death, a whole lot of them would still not have claimed to be homosexual.  Even if you had put them on lie detector machines, very few would have been found to be lying if responding “no” when asked if they were homosexuals.

    The reason is that for all those years, very few people believed they were homosexuals.  You can explain that anyway you want, it doesn’t matter to my point, which is that sexual attraction is a “belief,” and deserving of the same type and level of respect as any other belief – such as religious and political beliefs.

    And I only say that because the only other alternative is to hate everyone who doesn’t believe as you do, which eventually, sadly, too often leads to killing, lots of killing.

    It is estimated that 3% of humans are homosexual.  Some huge percentage are religious.  Others believe the fairy tales liberals spew, that their rich leaders are different from the rich people they hate who they believe are only protected by the conservatives.  Some obsess over an Earth that will still be here doing fine billions of years after the last human is gone.  Prolly just as many people who are gay believe aliens have visited our planet, or that the Mayan calendar was right.

    Perhaps the most disappointing are the huge percentage who believe leaders.  Leaders are the pox on mankind; the leeches sucking our blood leaving only enough to keep us alive to produce more.  Leaders prey on our weaknesses, our inability to self-motivate, self-educate, and see beyond our own selfish needs.  They offer nothing in return for their huge cost that we don’t already possess.  Mankind will never advance beyond its present form until we get past this immature need for leaders.

    So, if I gotta put up with all these idiots, then y’all should too.  Personally, I believe Obama is an alien, sent here to manage the farm.

  • nedmorlef

     Before you judge me and my issue with homos you should be forced to do uncomfortable things with them. Share a drink,shower, or even a cucumber from their garden. Work with them,live next to them,be forced to share anything with them and not come away nauseated and sick. These ppl have severe mental issues. It doesn’t start or stop with the fact they are identified by a sex act. Everything they are is a sex act. Gay this and gay that. Now apply hetero to everything you are and see the sickness.
     What do you like ? Put that in front of everything you are. See the insanity.
     I was born to like my wife with a strap on. I demand a right to be identified politically as a strap on loving heterosexual chevy driving footballaholic. I want the right to be a man and not be punished through my civil rights. I want the right to marry other strap on loving heterosexual chevy driving footballaholics. I want the right to share my wealth and a public toilet with my SOLHCDF kind. I could go on but, I’m getting dain bramage from trying to think left.

  • http://twitter.com/ReverendJustito Reverend Justito

    Show me where it says God doesn’t want you to be gay in the bible? I sure as hell can’t find it. 

  • fewiz

    I don’t pretend to be a Biblical scholar although I may have studied it more than most.  But the answer to your question is that translations are almost always subjective.  There are dozens of versions of the Bible different in many ways including their length, content, and translation.

    For example,1 Corinthians 6:9-10 speaks of practices that are sinful and in the original Greek uses a two-word term that some versions translate as homosexualality and others in different terms, such as effeminate, but most scholars agree that it does refer to homosexuality.  

    But I think you miss my point.  His remarks were not “hate-filled,” yours were.  Just because you choose a different version of the Bible than Rocky doesn’t instantly transform his words into hatefulness.  On the other hand, your words are de facto hateful. 

  • stacyleigh77

     I hardly think any gay person would claim that being gay is simply a ‘belief.’

  • marcos laureano

    So he’s forced to like and accept homosexuality because society says so? What BS, he should be able to like or dislike whatever he wants and be able to say it out loud. If he was openly gay and said he finds straight people kissing to be disgusting – nobody would have a problem with it. People should be able to be honest – but  it seems you can’t in this “sweep everything under the rug” society.  People are so overly sensitive nowadays that it’s ridiculous.

  • fewiz

    you’re prolly right, Stacy.  Neither would a hetero.  But that doesn’t make it untrue.

    But maybe we’re defining “belief” differently.  I’m meaning that it exists in our minds only, as opposed to, say, our opinions about the color of our skins.  If someone says she is gay, there’s no way to prove that she is or isn’t.  The answer exists only in her mind.  Just as you can’t prove whether someone is a Christian or not.

    And I don’t say that to mean “simply.”  Obviously, sexuality is anything but simple.  But, as I said in detail elsewhere here, there have been people in history that would prolly be labeled as gays now but who would never have claimed that or even believed themselves to be.  If you don’t believe yourself to be gay, can you be?  Having gay sex doesn’t make you gay, just as not having gay sex doesn’t make you straight.

  • marcos laureano

    But by the same token gay people should be able to do what they do without having anyone say anything. To tell you the truth – if you’re that interested in what gay people do behind closed doors and who they do it with – you have issues.  

  • marcos laureano

     My point exactly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Dolack/769723463 Bill Dolack

    24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
    25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
    26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
    27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BTNOZE2XVPJRNF4APECRNQ5API KooKooKiWi

    Huh?  You are talking in circles there.  Being gay is not a belief, you just are!  You don’t chose to be gay, you just are!  Not the same as Christian which you choose to be.  That being said, I know many gays who consider themselves Christians and have no problem with other Christians.  It’s clear your bias doesn’t allow you to see gays as coming from all faiths and instead just plugs them into your small minded stereotype.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BTNOZE2XVPJRNF4APECRNQ5API KooKooKiWi

    The bible also says it’s a sin to eat too much and  yet the majority of Americans are fat.  So does that mean they are sinful and shouldn’t be accepted in the church?  I am a Christian and it sickens me when other Christians use small passages of the bible to justify hatefulness.  As a Christian, I was taught to accept ALL people because NONE of us are free of sin.  Unless you fit that category, then you should learn to follow Jesus’ lessons of acceptance.

  • fewiz

    LOL.  That is funny.  Your words prove that it is, in fact, you that has the small mind — my comments are too deep for you to understand so you spew stupidity believing I said something offensive to gays – which I didn’t.

    Have you considered taking remedial reading comprehension classes?  It won’t help you grasp the depth, you seem too stupid for that, but it could help you restrain yourself from saying stupid things.

    Like Stacy, you seem to have read something into my words that aren’t there.  And I haven’t a clue what “circles” you refer to or what “stereotype” I’ve described, much less one that deserves to be called “small-minded.”  Can you please quote my exact words that you feel substantiates your insults of me?

    When you can’t, because there are none, then you’ll know that it’s really you who is small-minded, although from my experience people with the low self-esteem that typically accompanies stupidity like yours will never admit their mistakes, but at least all the readers here will know.

    Would you say that being left-handed is a “belief” or one just is left-handed?  What if a person never uses their left hand predominantly and always uses their right.  Are they left-handed?

    But what if that person claims to be left-handed?  They truly believe it.  How can anyone deny their claim?  How do you prove someone is left-handed or not?

    And since you can’t seem to grasp that my comments were not restricted to gays, the concept of sexuality as a “belief” I describe applies equally to heteros, I’d ask you whether a person who is born without a preference for their left hand over their right but chooses to use their left predominantly, is really left-handed even if they deny it and claim to be right-handed?

    What you’re not getting is that I’m not denying anyone is gay or that it’s something they’ve made up in their head, I’m saying that being gay or hetero exists only in one’s mind.  There is no physical difference that can be discerned by others.  You can’t prove someone is left-handed or right-handed, and their predominant use of one hand or the other doesn’t prove it – they could just be making a conscious decision to do so.

    Thoughts, not actions, are what determines whether one is gay.  I’m not gay and I wouldn’t become gay by taking a hard one up my backside.  but if I was gay, never taking one up the backside wouldn’t mean I wasn’t gay.  I am the only one who knows whether I am truly gay or not, or whether I truly believe in a judgmental God, or whether I truly believe a politician’s BS.

    But here’s the important part:  I only make that point because, like all “beliefs,” including religious beliefs, you can’t disprove someone’s beliefs.  If you think others of your sex are attractive, I can’t prove they’re not.  If someone else thinks there is a God who commands that they not believe those of the same sex can find each other attractive, I can’t prove there isn’t.  So, why don’t you just tolerate the beliefs of others?  Arguing about it accomplishes nothing, people believe whatever they want to believe.

    You see, I’m arguing for tolerance of the beliefs of gays and religious people.  Many gays demand tolerance of their beliefs but deny the beliefs of Christians.  Being neither, I don’t care what either side believes, but I’ll defend their right to believe it.

  • fewiz

    What I hate are people who call others “hateful” for no reason. 

    Years ago, I accidentally stumbled into a lesbian bar.  Didn’t realize it at first, me and my buddies thought we’d found paradise.  Within seconds, before we did or said anything to anyone, the manager asked us to leave.  Was she being “hateful.”  By your definition, it seems she was.  I didn’t think so at the time or now.  Why do you accuse Christians of being hateful for doing the same thing?

    And why are you chastising me to “learn to follow Jesus’ lessons of acceptance”?  First of all, I’m not a Christian and could care less what Jesus teaches.  But,  I’m the one advocating acceptance by everyone.  You’re advocating acceptance of gays but intolerance of Christians that don’t interpret the Bible the way you do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002862544075 Naimasay Racine

    Nobody is forced to do anything. Live your own life to the fullest. Gays have just as much right to be happy and proud as hetros.

  • seawa206

    I certainly would feel uncomfortable playing baseball with a bunch of black athletes.  Probably more uncomfortable playing with christians.  See how stupid that sounds.  Geeze, get a life you morons it’s 2013 not 1013!

  • notperfectyet7

     Your Mind is already debased. Look it up in Romans 1:16-32.  Unless you are one of those that say why believe in a book that was written by man. Isn’t everything you have read since a child and thru schooling written by man?
    Again, read the reference I gave you above, perhaps the truth of GOD touches you and you get saved.

  • notperfectyet7

     You are also wrong. As a human we have only the ability to be wicked. There is no good in any but GOD. You can find yourself in PSalms 14, or Romans 3:9-18. That is in the Old Testament  or the New. is in both. Again the same to you. read it that perhaps God has mercy on you and saves you.

  • notperfectyet7

     Rocky, I need to say something here. because there are many that claim to be Christians and indeed they are not. and also there are many non-Christians that have good morals but nonetheless they are with the rest of the secular world. A Christian tells forth what the word of GOD says not his opinion or human belief. If GOD says that man laying with man and woman laying with woman is an abomination(notice that I did not say Obamanation, that’s another subject), then that’s what it is. We all have a choice, we all know what is right and what is wrong. You choose to deny what is right, then, guess what? you can call it mental illness!!!

  • notperfectyet7

    My comment is this. 00000111011110011101111100111100011101010111100001011101

    Did you like it?

  • notperfectyet7

     Romans Chapter 1. Read completely from verse 18 thru32

    Happy? Just let me know what your question is and I’ll direct you.

  • notperfectyet7

     Fewiz, according to my statistics, all humans are 100% bad and if it’s left to us we would do nothing but bad stuff. It is in our History. Fortunately we have a GOD that  thru his grace and mercy helps us separate from all the bad stuff, namely:  Stealing lying, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, cheating covetousness. And most of all denying HIM.
    At the end, it does not matter what we want to say or do. How much we hate GOD or how we do not want to hear about HIM. The History of man kind is already written. Trust me, HE will not drag you into HIS presence. HE will leave you alone into your own debased mind. Read Romans chapter 1: 18 thru 32. You want to be there? have at it.

  • fewiz

    As much as I opine for tolerance of all beliefs, idiots like you are an exception.

    Are you on meds?

  • fewiz

    Why are you talking to me? O.o

  • BrettBrad

    Please do not compare homosexual rights to black people and civil rights….that is an utterly ridiculous comparison.  I don’t see any gay people being segregated into their own schools, signs saying “Hetero-only Drinking Fountains”, “Voting for Heteros Only”, lynchings and crosses being burned in their lawns…let’s not fool ourselves into thinking it is the same situation or even on the same level.  It is disrespectful to say the least.   For Tori to say what he said is his right and his belief.  If it is weird to be uncomfortable with showering naked with a gay man next to you then we should say it would be weird for a woman to be uncomfortable showering next to a hetero male in the locker room…tell me, what is the difference, really?

    Gay people are just people like everybody else, they are not aliens or the worst sinners of all sinners…we are all sinners who come short of the standard God has set, Christians as well.  But there comes a point where you have to choose what you believe and stick to it.  You can’t change your beliefs every 10 years because something has become acceptable to a society.  We all need to come to the realization that living in America is not the real world or universe…things in nature are not left up to choice and are not fair AT ALL.  There were people in the towers in 9/11 that were people of all races, religions and sexual preferences that had dreams, hopes and families just like everybody else who were killed brutality and jumped out of buildings 100 stories up.  While there are horrible thieves, biggots and murderers that are still living and free to do what they want.  Is that fair?  Absolutely not.  Regardless of what you BELIEVE will happen or if you are Christian or not, if you touch a live wire with a puddle of water you will get shocked.   Americans need to realize the real world and universe is a very cruel place, and you have to choose who you will serve, either God or the world.  What would Jesus do about gay people if He was still walking the earth? I don’t know, but I know He would love them just like anybody else. However, all followers of Christ need to choose to follow the Word of God and they will get the true interpretation of what it says by using their spiritual mind and not their carnal mind.  That is done through a true personal, daily, prayerful relationship with God.

    Lastly, American goverment regulates and judges all the time; and most people agree and don’t mind it at all.  We don’t allow mormons to marry multiple wives, when the women say that is what they want and that is what makes them happy.  I dont see anybody fighting for their rights to marry and be happy.  Women argue their body is their own, and government should have no right to tell them what to do with their body and people agree; so they allow women to have abortions, but they can’t choose to do prostitution if they want?  Like was said above, somebody not agreeing with homosexual lifestyle is not saying that they are a judgemental biggot…we must all choose what standard we are going to live by: God or the world, but we must love all the same.