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Friday, April 20, 2018

Tracy McGrady’s pitching mechanics could use some work (Video)

Tracy McGrady had a workout Wednesday at Constellation Field — the home of the Sugar Land Skeeters — that was available to the media. Thankfully for us, KBME in Houston grabbed some video of him pitching so that we could finally see how he looks.

Though McGrady doesn’t look bad as a pitcher, his mechanics could use some work.

Brace yourself: we’re going to get a little technical here.

Right now T-Mac is just all arm, which is not uncommon for someone new to pitching. He’s not getting anything from his lower body on his pitches.

As soon as his hands meet in his leg kick, his front hip starts moving forward and his lead leg comes open:

Tracy McGrady pitching

The rushed movement is causing T-Mac’s arm to come through late and in a windmill type motion.

What T-Mac needs to do is work on his balance after he goes into his leg kick so he isn’t rushed to start moving forward. He needs to sit down on his back leg and use that as a spring to push off towards the plate and give him power on his pitches. He also needs to work on separating his right hand from his glove quicker so it doesn’t lag behind his body.

Come on, T-Mac, I thought you were working with Roger Clemens on your pitching? Did you see the Rocket’s lower body? Guy’s legs and behind were huge. That’s where he got a lot of his power from. You need to start doing the same thing!

(yes, I used to give private pitching lessons and still do on occasion)

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