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Monday, April 23, 2018

Troy Tulowitzki attends Yankees game while on DL

Troy Tulowitzki Yankees game

Troy Tulowitzki has made no secret that he wants to play for a contender, and that reality seemed pretty evident Sunday when he decided to attend a New York Yankees game.

Tulo is on the DL with a left hip injury that does not seem to be improving. He flew to Philadelphia to see a sports injury specialist and checked out the Yankees-Blue Jays game while he was in the area.

Tulo’s Rockies are 43-60, while the Yankees are 54-49 and in the playoffs pretty much every season. It sure seems pretty evident that he wants to play for them and be their next great shortstop, replacing his idol Derek Jeter.

Doesn’t it just seem weird to see a current player attending the game of another team while his team is playing on the same day? You just don’t see something like that. Tulo’s a franchise icon for the Rockies, not some spectator or fan who should be out watching another team play. This tells me he has checked out of Colorado.

Oh, and bonus points to Tulo for wearing an “Arrested Development” shirt.

H/T Jeff Passan

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