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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

This video of Derek Jeter trying to field a grounder to his left is painful to watch

It’s been well known for a while that Derek Jeter is shaky in the field, but things are really bad now that he is 39 years old.

In the first inning of Tuesday’s Baltimore Orioles-New York Yankees game, Delmon Young, who was batting as Baltimore’s two-hitter, hit like a 50 chopper to shortstop. Jeter was so slow moving to his left that the ball got past him for a single to center field. Jeter was right there, too, but he just didn’t get his glove down enough to field it:

Derek Jeter infield

Look at how stiff he was on that. The flexibility was just lacking. He couldn’t get low enough for it.

The scouting report on Jeter has said for a while that he’s good going to his right and bad going to his left. I don’t know how great he is at going to his right anymore, but it’s pretty obvious he has zero range to his left. It’s really too bad. Good thing he is retiring after the season so we don’t have to see this in the field much more. At least he can still swing it.

H/T Aaron Gleeman

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