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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Yankee fans boo Robinson Cano cardboard cutout in hilarious Jimmy Fallon bit (Video)

Robinson Cano is returning to Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night to take on his former team for the first time as a member of the Seattle Mariners. New York Yankees fans are expected to boo him for leaving the Bronx for financial reasons, so Jimmy Fallon gave them a chance to air out their frustrations a little early on Monday.

In one of his best bits to date, Fallon sent out a large cardboard box with Cano’s picture on the front and had a reporter tell people to give the five-time All-Star a piece of their mind. Little did the booing fans know, Cano was inside the box. Their reactions when he popped out were priceless.

The guy at the 2:45 mark was by far my favorite.


“I, I, I, I, I, I won’t b — I won’t boo you — I won’t actually boo you. I’ll, I’ll be rooting for you to … play well but not win.”

Yankee fans have already been holding signs about Cano chasing the money when the Mariners aren’t even in town, so you know he’s going to hear it on Tuesday. That’s the mob mentality for you. It would be interesting to see if fans would react the same if Fallon did the same bit with Alex Rodriguez. Something tells me there are a few fans who would boo him right to his face.

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