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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Yasiel Puig reportedly had major weight gain – put on 26 pounds

Yasiel PuigAs if the Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t already have enough to worry about with Yasiel Puig concerning his off-field driving issues, now they have to think about him being out of shape.

According to ESPN LA, Puig showed up to spring training exhibiting signs of weight gain. Manager Don Mattingly reportedly said Puig weighed in at 251 pounds, which is 26 more than he weighed at the end of last season.

Some weight gain over the offseason should be expected. There are guys like Bryce Harper, who works out intensely with the goal of putting on muscle. Puig, 23, also is still young, so we can expect body changes for him as he gets older. Plus, players often have lost weight by the end of the season because of all the playing and travel, so 225 might not be Puig’s typical weight.

Despite all these excuses, I think there is reason for the Dodgers to be concerned. Had Puig put on 10 or maybe even 15 pounds, I don’t think that would be a reason to worry. That seems pretty typical. But 26 pounds says to me he wasn’t staying in shape and watching his weight over the offseason.

When you’re a professional athlete, it’s your job to stay in shape during the offseason. Puig needs to learn that.

Below are two photos of Puig from late January:

Does it look like he’s showing a little bit of a gut? Yeah, he has something to work off before the season. Guess he was on that Jesus Montero offseason plan.

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