Andrew Bynum Is Third in Pecking Order on Kobe Bryant’s Lakers, Says Kobe

Should the Lakers blow up the team as Magic Johnson suggested before the series with the Mavericks even ended? Or should they keep the core together and just make some tweaks, as our Shane Baker suggested? I’ve said the team is too good to completely break apart and instead figure they need a new coach and some wing players who can shoot and defend the perimeter. Kobe Bryant is of the same mindset, believing this team is too good to break up just because they didn’t reach the Finals for the fourth straight year. In fact, he believes the pecking order needs to remain the same.

Speaking about Andrew Bynum being raised on the chain of offensive priorities, Kobe said “Ultimately, he’ll have to fall in line because I’m gonna shoot the ball. We all know that. Pau is going to get his touches. He’s No. 2. And then [Andrew] will have to fall in line.”

Many people felt like Bynum was a key player and one of the few Lakers to produce against the Mavericks and that he should have had more touches. Other people wondered why Kobe didn’t “close” games in the playoffs the way he normally does and figured it was a sign this was becoming a team more built around Bynum. But if you thought that pattern was going to continue into the future, think again. Kobe still feels this is his team and that he’s the top option.

Is there any wonder why some younger, emerging stars want to escape the shadow of superstars so they can show what they can do? It takes a special player, who has a lot of patience, to hold back despite knowing he can do a lot more. For now, barring a trade, that will have to be Andrew Bynum. Unless of course the Lakers’ front office or new coach decides otherwise.

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  • http://twitter.com/CWardHenninger Colin Ward-Henninger

    Tough situation for Bynum and the Lakers. He knows he can average 20+ when he’s healthy (as he did for a stretch a couple years ago) but he knows that’s not going to happen as long as he’s on the court with Pau and Kobe.

    The best thing for him individually would be a trade, and he already has his rings so why not work on the more individual part of his legacy? But the Lakers can’t get rid of him since he’s really the only young talent on the team who they’ll be able to build around once Pau, Kobe, and Lamar are gone.

    Unless they can trade him for a young stud (or a draft pick that turns into one) I guess he’ll have to grin and bear it.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    That’s probably the best thing for him to do. Unless he gets traded for Dwight, grin it and bear it and wait his time until the team becomes his. He’s proven he can be a force, and the two years he may have to wait won’t be easy.