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Friday, April 20, 2018

Antoine Walker Served Child Support Court Papers While Partying in the Club

Antoine Walker is trying to make the best of what has become a disappointing path in life. Once a multimillionaire who made a ton of cash playing with the Celtics, Walker proceeded to go bankrupt. He then settled for a five-figure salary in the NBA’s D-League, where there were times when he couldn’t even hit iron on a simple free throw.  It’s nice to see Walker still makes time for some leisure and hits the club every now and then.

Although, partying at the club probably isn’t that fun when you are interrupted with legal documents.  According to the Chicago Sun-Times via I Am a GM, Walker was served papers this week while he was in a local nightclub.

Antoine Walker was in court this week for allegedly not paying child support in over 2½ years to his ex Donna Grant. He recently got his court notice while partying at a local nightclub, his ex says. Grant also contends she had been trying to get him in court since May. In 2009, it was reported that the NBA star was broke and in debt.

Avoiding child support payments would be nothing shocking from a former pro athlete who took the Siberian tiger approach to financial stability.  Unfortunately for Walker, his night at the club was probably ruined.  However, there are ways he can continue to avoid his responsibilities if he so chooses.  Antoine should probably give Chris McAlister a call — he’ll give him a few pointers.

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