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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bill Plaschke recently called Kobe Bryant an a-hole, says J.A. Adande (Video)

We all know how Kobe Bryant can be with the media. The cocky, arrogant attitude that makes Kobe such a great player on the court oftentimes does not translate well to his interviews and press conferences. More often than not, he gets away with it because he’s Kobe Bryant. Apparently Bill Plaschke recently decided he was going to let Kobe know exactly how he felt about some of his responses to questions, so he called him an a-hole.

As you can see from the video above that shows a behind the scenes look on ESPN’s “Around the Horn”, J.A. Adande says Kobe was recently talking with the media about how well of a job Danilo Gallinari has done defending him in the Lakers-Nuggets series. According to Adande, Kobe doesn’t like being asked about guys defending him. He gave a snark response, and Adande says Plaschke said “You’re such an a**hole” to Kobe as he was walking out of the room.

Kobe was reportedly a good sport and laughed about it, but he asked Plaschke if he really said it after practice the following day. Plaschke told him that he did because Kobe was acting like one. It sounds like it was all in good fun and all the reporters had a good time with it, but that took some serious stonage from Plaschke.

For the record, Kobe dropped 43 in a Game 5 loss to Denver on Tuesday night, so it sounds like he wasn’t having a major issue with the way Gallinari was defending him.

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