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Monday, June 18, 2018

Blake Griffin shows off ridiculous handles (Video)

Blake GriffinFor all of those who thought Blake Griffin was nothing but a dunker, we present this video, which looks like it came out of an And-1 mixtape.

During the second quarter of the Los Angeles Clippers-Denver Nuggets game on Saturday, Griffin got a steal and then worked his way down the court with an assortment of insane dribbling moves. He went behind-the-back, between-the-legs and even mixed in a spin move. The only thing that could stop him was a foul.

Griffin obviously is one of the most powerful players in the NBA, but he showed he also has some finesse to his game. Either that, or he pulled a “Space Jam” and sneaked into Chris Paul’s body for the night or something.

That was really impressive. Who knew he had that much skill? Shaq must be jealous.

Video via @cjzero

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