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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Blake Griffin: Lob City doesn’t exist anymore

Donald-Sterling-Chris-Paul-Blake-GriffinBlake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers have wanted nothing to do with the “Lob City” nickname for quite some time. Last year, Griffin called the phrase “unfortunate” and said it has nothing to do with the way the team thinks about games. He reiterated that stance earlier this week.

“Lob City doesn’t exist anymore. Lob City is done,” Griffin told ESPN’s Shelley Smith. “We’re moving on and we’re going to find our identity during training camp and that will be our new city. No more Lob City.”

Griffin has seemed embarrassed about the whole Lob City thing since the second it went viral. The phrase was coined when a video of Blake getting all excited about the Chris Paul trade surfaced, and it almost seems like he regrets that he was caught on camera. Griffin also realizes you can’t just make it disappear.

“People will still wear T-shirts,” he said. “I can’t really go to people’s houses and take their T-shirts and cut them up. But we [will] have a new identity as a team and that’s going to be what we work out during training camp.¬†We’ll take about two or three weeks and really come up with something good.”

It better be really good, because folks love Lob City. CP3 has thrown some incredible alley-oops to Griffin, and it’s only natural now for fans to yell out “Lob City!” when that happens. The nickname is probably here to stay whether the players like it or not.

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