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Monday, June 25, 2018

Carmelo Anthony says losing this season ‘more difficult’ than past years

If the New York Knicks are trying to secure themselves the best possible spot in the NBA Draft lottery, they are doing a tremendous job. Winners of just five games since Feb. 4, the Knicks appear to be blatantly tanking.

And Carmelo Anthony hates every second of it.

With Thursday night’s loss to the Brooklyn Nets (New York’s second loss to the NBA’s worst team in three games), the Knicks secured their fourth consecutive losing season. For Anthony, this one has been much harder than the previous three.

“This year is disappointing due to the talent we have in this locker room and team,” he said Thursday, per Marc Berman of the New York Post. “For some reason, we couldn’t get it together and get it going. It’s more difficult this season than in the past.”

The Knicks went out and acquired Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah during an exciting offseason, and they still appear destined to fall short of their 32 wins from last year.

“It’s tough. I don’t want to use the word frustrating but it’s tough to be in this situation,” Anthony added. “Inconsistencies — that’s part of who we are as a team this year.”

Just how fed up is Anthony? He has been adamant in the past that he would not like it if the coaching staff rested him to give younger players a chance, especially if it was part of a tanking effort. But now, Carmelo has softened his stance.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Anthony of possibly playing less minutes. “For me as a professional, it’s my duty regardless of the situation to still try to play and try to win until they say don’t play nor more or sit us down with limited minutes. We still have go out there and finish the season out.”

The scariest thing for the Knicks is no one knows where they will go from here. Phil Jackson seems intent on trading Anthony, and recent comments have indicated Carmelo is growing more and more receptive to that. With Rose set to become a free agent and Noah looking like a questionable signing at best, the Knicks are likely looking at a total rebuild.

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