Who’s Dressing Melo These Days?

Usually I don’t like to comment on the personal appearance of an athlete, but for premeditated clothing choices, I feel I can make an exception. I know Carmelo Anthony has cultivated a new look this year cutting off his braids, but seriously, who’s the brains behind the joker outfit on Sunday night? Apologies to any LBS readers that sport purple dress shirts and purple ties under vests, but Melo’s gotta do better than that. He’s even worse than Joakim Noah in the Problem Child bow tie outfit. I sure hope it’s not Lala dressing him.

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Is now a bad time to admit I used to be scared of the joker? OK fine, probably still am scared of him …

  • SpinMax

    Maybe he’s actually himself for once….no what am I saying, his PR crew dressed him. Must be a sign that he’s about to get busted again by authorities.