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Friday, May 25, 2018

Carmelo Anthony reportedly unhappy with Knicks, wants trade or Mike D’Antoni fired

The Knicks have lost six in a row, 8 of their last 10, and they looks like a mess again. The New York Post reported after Monday’s loss that Carmelo Anthony and Mike D’Antoni were clashing, and they took it a step further a day later, saying Melo wants out if D’Antoni isn’t fired.

According to the Post, Melo has asked for the Knicks to trade him before Thursday’s deadline. He reportedly is unhappy the Knicks haven’t consulted him more on personnel decisions. He also reportedly only wants to remain with the Knicks if Mike D’Antoni won’t be back next season (which would fulfill some fans’ request).

Interestingly enough, ESPN also published a report about the Knicks’ struggles. They reported that players have tuned out D’Antoni. The report seemed like a hit-job by Melo’s agents with the intention of turning up the heat on D’Antoni; if you read the entire thing, most of the report gives examples of how Melo doesn’t fit in with the Knicks, not what D’Antoni is doing wrong.

As dysfunctional as the Knicks appear to be, it’s not too late to regain success. They could trade Carmelo Anthony and admit that signing J.R. Smith was a mistake. The team beat the Lakers and Mavs without Melo and Smith. You have to wonder why they messed with that kind of success.

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