Carmelo Anthony video highlights from his record 62-point game

Friday night was just Carmelo Anthony’s night. The New York Knicks forward set a franchise and Madison Square Garden record by scoring 62 points in his team’s 125-96 win over the Charlotte Bobcats.

‘Melo went 23-of-35 from the field, including 6-of-11 from 3-point range, and he made all 10 of his free-throw attempts. He grabbed 13 rebounds and will probably be criticized by some for registering zero assists. But in his postgame interview with MSG, ‘Melo said he was in the zone and credited his teammates for putting him in the position to have his huge game.

You knew it was Carmelo’s night when he made a half-court shot before halftime to give him 37 points in the first half:

The 62 points broke Bernard King’s franchise record of 60 and Kobe Bryant’s MSG record of 61. He really was in the zone as he said, and ‘Melo also said that he knows King will be happy for him.

Here is Carmelo’s postgame interview with MSG:

And here was the reaction from his teammates when he got to 62:

And what does one’s shot chart look like when a player scores 62 points? Check this out:

Carmelo Anthony shot chart

Mike Woodson hardly had Carmelo play in the fourth quarter because the team was winning in such a blowout. Anthony probably could have put up close to 80 had he remained in the game. You know LeBron James is disappointed Woodson didn’t let ‘Melo stay in the game. Check out what King James tweeted:

LeBron also posted this image of his draft class mate on Instagram:

Carmelo Anthony record

Congrats to my brother @carmeloanthony on setting a franchise record tonight! #RocketLauncherFromBirth

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  • jihadist john™

    100% scripted by david stern’s writers and his television partners to take advantage of a football-free weekend…nothing on earth is more BORING than comatose WWE tim donaghy pro bounceyball…turn on some college hoop…no guaranteed contracts, no scripted outcomes, no post-season that a chimp with no knowledge can predict and no arenas which are as loud as your average morgue

  • TimmyP

    Yeah, totally. Remote controlled ball going through the hoop from half court. Melo is a robot…

    College ball…WNBA. All the way.


    Get real, that was a legendary basketball performance no matter how you look at it.

  • jihadist john™

    pro bounceyball is no different than the women’s college game…only 3 or 4 teams matter and ANYBODY can predict their neverending post-season without having ever watched a game…those are the greatest athletes on earth, pound-for-pound, yet they produce a product which is COMA-INDUCING…no clue how you can even keep your eyes open…and then there’s that whole donaghy thing that david stern and his television partners have managed to sweep under the rug…i dare you to turn on this villanova/marquette game right now and tell me a “raptors/heat,” whatever the hell that’s supposed to be, is more exciting

  • TimmyP

    That’s a REAL GOOD try. Go back to your jihad. “Bounceyball” haha Ill give ya that one!

  • jihadist john™

    eric spoelstra (WHO?!?!?!?!?!?!?) must be a legendary coach then, right fella?…look at all of those titles!…he must be an ELITE teacher of the game like dean smith or adolph rupp, right?…no schtick at all…i honestly have NO CLUE how people can stomach that garbage when college ball is played at the same time of the year…the Four Letter Network controls your life though…if they lead with it and pretend it’s important, the sheep will all follow