Charles Barkley: 20% of NBA fans need to be shot

Charles Barkley is loved by many because he tells it like it is and doesn’t sugarcoat things. Some people, though, don’t like hearing the truth if the truth is something negative about their favorite basketball team or player. Barkley knows that, and that’s why he told Jim Rome Wednesday that some fans need to be shot.

“Fans man. They love their team and their player. They don’t want to hear any criticisms. They just want you to be 100 percent for their team period,” Barkley said on The Jim Rome Show. “I think it’s only a small faction. I think 80 percent are great. 20 percent, I wish you could take them out back and just shoot them.”

According to Eye on Basketball, Rome jumped in said, “Well, maybe not shoot them, Chuck.”

But Barkley did not back down.

“No, I meant that Jim,” he said. “80 percent of the fans are fantastic. But 20 percent of them are so mean-spirited and say the most nasty things to you, because they know you can’t grab them.”

This is not the first time Barkley has used the “they need to be shot” line on the radio, but last time it was probably slightly better received.

Barkley has gotten into it with plenty of fan bases in the past. He was heckled all last year by Heat fans for calling the team a “whiny bunch.” He’s gotten into it with Warriors fans too. His point is well taken, but I think exterminating people because they’re too passionate is a just a tad bit too harsh.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JFSTIYYLQAF2CZXAOYEXVM5YDQ christophe

    I think the NBA fan that needs to be shot now is Charles Barkley himself. Hakeem his teamate once warned Barkley to stop getting into it with fans especially with engaging in fighting them in bars and casinos bcos he would one day find himself shot dead.
    So if athletes think that they are so big and strong and can hold their physical selves against crazy fans in the public, then must be some dumb humans bcos they can well kidnapped for ransome OR even shot at by the fans.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JFSTIYYLQAF2CZXAOYEXVM5YDQ christophe

    I think the NBA fan that needs to be shot now is Charles Barkley himself. Hakeem his teamate once warned Barkley to stop getting into it with fans especially with engaging in fighting them in bars and casinos bcos he would one day find himself shot dead.
    So if athletes think that they are so big and strong and can hold their physical selves against crazy fans in the public, then must be some dumb humans bcos they can as well be  kidnapped for ransoms OR even  be shot at by the fans.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DVAQ4QLU2737JKVE4BPCHTDJYY Awesome Bill

    I happen to agree with Sir Cumference. Some of the fans of my own team are just plain wacky. The world would be fine without ‘em.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YAQWBFTSRTZYSLUMDZ4UCGNCLM Scott S

    How about 20% (give or take depending on how big the team is in town) of all sports fans?!? 

  • Mexoplex

    yeah, some fans (all sports) should really be admitted to some kind of anger management/ psycho ward for life.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DRPFMT7TOOCLK2NDOSOT3IV6KE Scott

    Well about 60% of the players could robably achieve that task given the current news we hear about all of these college aducated(allegedly) players getting caught at airports and dressing rooms etc… with loaded handguns shoot pardon the pun about 70% of the current rosters are thugs or did someone hold them down and change their behaviors?

  • Anonymous

    Except 50% of that number would miss because they watch too much TV.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VVN7MNA6C75HMDO4WOMOF5IAC4 Marcus

    First of all, i dont know why anyone listens to Barkley. He’s always trying to tell a team what they need to do to win a Championship. Last time i checked he has the same number of Championship rings as i do, NONE!! N he was overrated.

  • Anonymous

    “Sir Charles” is right,again!Only now I would say it’s MORE than 20%.What about those fans throwing beer/cups at the players on the floor because their team was losin? The PLAYERS!! were fined and suspended!! Fans can yell obsenities to no end when players leave the court, send tweets,texts,etc.Really sick people out there,in public.How about all the burning of LeBron’s jersey,N.Y.’er’s cars in Boston,etc?Police just watch?Scary stuff-By Fans?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5GBXB3POV4I3JVKLKP2ZPVTLBM Joe

    Barkley should be fired! He shouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

    Maybe they should fire all those clowns on TNT. Kenny the wet pet should go next. He stinks!

  • Anonymous

    Does thug simply mean “black male”? Most players have never been in any trouble with the law and it seems moronic to state that there is an average of  7 out of 10 players on every team in this league that truly fit the defination of “thug”. Most players that you refer to as thugs only have an aesthetitic (tats, hair cut, style of dress, etc.) that you find disagreeable. Please stop overusing the term thug. Look it up in the dictionary!

  • Anonymous

    So many sports commentators have been fired for their comments, it makes you wonder why Charles Barkley is able to get away with such inflammatory statements.  The TNT crew in general is annoying and unprofessional.  The fact that anyone advocates the death of a fan for inappropriate behavior is disturbing. If someone is throwing stuff on the court or shouting obscenities they should be ejected from the game. Personally I would not miss Barkley if he left. He is likable some of the time, but more often than not, I am irritated by his arrogance.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/F7YJDF42QMR5TODCWEDYTO75JE Armen

    Chucky 80% of NBA Players should be shot….ha

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trenton-Cook/1464827371 Trenton Cook

    I think he was off by 80%

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5GBXB3POV4I3JVKLKP2ZPVTLBM Joe

    I would agree with Armen, 80% of the NBA players are thugs!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5GBXB3POV4I3JVKLKP2ZPVTLBM Joe

    Fire the rotund beast! Then fire his sidekicks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dartagnan-Narvaez/100001038978115 Dartagnan Narvaez

    Comment not needed.

  • Anonymous

    I love Chuck. While I don’t agree with shooting them, since maiming them would suffice, he’s hilarious! Of course I’m kidding about the maiming thing. There’s no place for violence. I still love how he tells it the way he feels it is.

  • Anonymous

    If we are going to shoot idiots can we start with the fat wind bag Barkely?

  • Anonymous

    Can you point out the “raciest” comment(s). Everybody is entitled to their opion and he speaks his freely…if you don’t like what he’s saying…turn the channel or hit the mute button on your remote.  Did he personally call you an idiot or say that you…personally should be shot…if your little feelings got hurt or his comments now or ever offended you…look in the mirror…maybe his “shoot” comment was addresses to you!  It’s just a job…”get some business…kick rocks”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LVFN22KMZDOK6HKA2ZVCEZDELE odbt

    bcos?  at least try to spell

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GAU76VVDZXTBLBXRKTOPXO2RRU MARCUS

    So what your saying is that Fans have the right to say and do anything to players and the players need to just take it…….If the same fans that are yelling obscenities was to see that player alone walking down the street that same fan would not say anything except, can i have your autograph…..Just because your a fan do not give you the right to say or do anything you want to the players….The game would be a whole lot better without those type of fans…..You must be one of those fans making a statement like your 2nd paragraph because thats a dumb ass statement…..thats why Barkley said those stupid ass fans need to be shot, but i say stop the game and let that little ass loud talking ass fan run out on the court or field and back up those tough ass words they are saying to that athlete…..

  • Anonymous

    Charles was just speaking hypothetically and I’m sure it was more so in a joking manner than to be taken seriously. He and Kenny have always been jokers and I think they add a little humor to the game of basketball.

    I think people just need something to latch onto..but controversy sells that’s why the article itself was even written. Everybody makes money off of controversy, I’m sure the newspapers and news networks are glad to have Charles around. Anybody with half a brain knows he was just joking, but his point is well taken, some people are just bananas over sports…and this is true.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7IUU66N4ODBQE3UJZLHP2KW33M NURSE RN


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  • Anonymous

     Do you know why he said that? Have you ever heard a drunk NBA fan
    taunting the players? They say the most horrendous things that no human
    being should ever say to another. From fans yelling obscenities at
    Lebron about his mother sleeping with his teammates to calling black
    players niggers and other horrible racial insults just because they’re
    on the other team. They only do it because they know the player can’t
    grab them by the neck and retaliate. Those players are a lot better than
    I am, because if I were a player and some fat jackass starts insulting
    me and my family, I’d let him have what he’s asking for. If you want
    some proof of what I’m talking about, just check what some people tweet
    at players on twitter. They’re some of the most despicable things I’ve
    ever read, and it’s always cowards who know they can say anything they
    want on the internet and get away with (like some of the cowards
    commenting below), or at a game where they are also protected. So cut
    Charles some slack, and if you say that he makes millions and that’s
    part of the job so it’s ok, then you’re an idiot who has either never
    been through a similar situation, or you’re the one hurling the insults
    and should be shot as well.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZLYKD4AZP3CSOOAR4B7SEWANDU T

    Then you are an idiot and cannot think for yourself.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZLYKD4AZP3CSOOAR4B7SEWANDU T

    Agreed…..well said.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZLYKD4AZP3CSOOAR4B7SEWANDU T

    Last time I checked, Barkley is in the HOF, is considered one of the “best” 50 players, has a gold medal and (at least) reached the NBA Finals. You on the other hand…….not so much.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BBYPV6KKH65XFGRUJIOUO5ICQ4 James

    So, I guess if Chuck make a bad or stupid comment, we should take him out and shoot him..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R3ALDV2TPRY6DWJDNIHHZH7TFU Jim

    Charles Barkley is a clown. He is the one who called 76er owner Harold Katz a racist because he had a white man on the team. daa.   That made a lot of sense. He could hardly speak in full  sentences when he got out of college. If it weren’t for Michael Jordan he would be more of an idiot that he is now and that is hard to believe he was dummer than now.

  • Anonymous

    At least we don’t have European Hooligan fans…

  • Anonymous

    Barkley is right. Shoot all the bandwagon Heat fans. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, Charles Barkley was trying to be funny, by using hyperbolic language. There could be no serious argument about tastes: one man’s meat will always be another man’s poison. Some liked the comment and others did not; that’s life. But, in the main, I think that the persons who did not like it would have given two thumbs up to Charlie if he had said that all Black fans or ballplayers should be shot.

  • Anonymous

    The truth is: I was never really a Barkley fan at any time. He was playing at the same time as  Mike , and I liked Mike, period. As a commentator, I think that Charles, like Wilbon, feels that he can say anything about Blacks, just because he’s Black – just like Bill Maher feels about Caucasian people. But the reality is that Charles, while understandably unhappy with the utter stupidity of some fans, obviously does not want fans exterminated – even if they’re Black. What he was doing, was using metaphorical language to express the level of his disgust. The ado about his statement is coming entirely from people who either do not like him or people who do not like his race.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/3RKPSTYSZB5RYXMUV53DKXW7NY Randy

    The problem is the fans forget the sport aspect of games. They think the players represent them in some type of way. Love the sport not the player. Jordan was terrible some nights. His team-mates won the game. Be open and honest about the sport. Players come and go and not many are from the area where they are playing. Jordan was from N.C., not Chicago. Fans adopt players as their own. Not everybody is a Jordan fan. But he is who he is.
    Barkley is right about fans. Three or four players should not have been in the All Star game because they were hurt most of the first month. Fans did not look at that. Melo is losing games and out hurt and he is on the team. How? A fan started that Artest fight by throwing something on him as he laid on a table. Fans have to stop owning players and watch the game of basketball.