Charles Barkley: Nets stink, are beating up on ‘ugly chicks’

Charles Barkley eyebrowsThe Brooklyn Nets have rallied after a terrible start to the season that put head coach Jason Kidd’s job in jeopardy. Brooklyn was 10-21 at one point and reports said Kidd could be fired before the All-Star break. But the Nets have played well since the new year, going 11-4 to improve to 21-25 for the season. Though they’ve improved and are in position to make the playoffs out of the terrible Eastern Conference, Charles Barkley isn’t about to praise them. Matter of fact, he’s not buying them at all.

During a conference call Thursday to promote TNT’s coverage of the NBA’s All-Star weekend, Barkley ripped into the Nets in a way only he can.

“When you play in the Eastern Conference, you’re going to go on winning streaks. Listen, the Nets stink, man,” Barkley said via the NY Daily News. “They lost their best player in Brook Lopez. Deron Williams has been inconsistent. They’re beating up on a bunch of ugly chicks in the Eastern Conference. Don’t act like they have a good team, stop it.”

Classic Barkley.

Chuck is also down on Kevin Garnett and D-Will, saying KG is too old and that father time has caught up with him. He says Williams has been hit by too many injuries.

“He’s never going to get back to Utah. His best days are behind him,” Barkley said of D-Will.

I disagree with Barkley on most accounts here. I’ve said even when the Nets were struggling that they’d get a lot better once their players were healthy. I still believe Williams can get back to being a top point guard. And one thing Chuck left out is how good Mirza Teletovic has been from long distance this season. He’s a weapon as a 3-point shooter. They won’t win a playoff series, but they’re not as bad as Chuck is making them out to be.

By the way, the Nets have beaten the Hawks twice, the Thunder, Dallas, Miami and Golden State since the new year. That’s not too bad.

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  • David Curts

    The Nets barely beat the Mavs in one of the worst called games ever, in Brooklyn may I add. They beat the Thunder right after Westbrook went down and before Durant realized he’s Durant, and they beat the Warriors with the same questionable calls and refs that they used to beat the Mavs. The Nets are last year’s Lakers. The NBA will always make sure there’s always an LA and a NY team in the playoffs. Since the Lakers and the Knicks suck, this year it’s the stepchildren Nets and Clippers. Charles is absolutely right. They suck!

  • Dean

    They beat the Mavs fair in square and Mirza torched them, beat beat Atlanta twice easy GS in a fair game i don’t know what game you were watching you delusional person and Thunder is still good without Westbrrok as we witnessed recently and Nets beat them causing them to turn the ball over A LOT.

  • David Curts

    If they were in the West, they would be the Pelicans who have also randomly beat a few good teams but they get no headlines or cheers for being below average. They are # 7 in the East. Which means that the top NCAA teams can beat them any day. The NBA is giving them the NY treatment so they can have at least one of the big market teams in the playoffs. Barkley’s right, they stink!

  • Dean

    Its true the west is better but that does not change the fact that since January the Nets have been one of the better teams in the whole league. The nets have been depleated with injuries and needed to get the chemistry issues together. They are now starting to play some pretty good bball and they will get to at least top 5 imo. The Bucks will probably beat the top NCAA teams relax with that, its just an asinine comment made by you. Do you know that Scalabrine went to one of these pick up games with these NCAA players and he torched them?