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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Charles Barkley and Shaq make fun of LeBron James’ hairline (Video)

Of all the things LeBron James gets hammered for, this is one of the very few he literally cannot help.  Charles Barkley and Shaq aren’t the first two guys to be entertained by LeBron’s receding hairline, and they won’t be the last.  As much as Sir Charles typically annoys me, I have to admit this particular bit had me laughing.

Poor LeBron. Yeah, I said it.  It can’t be easy to be 27 and losing your hair at a rapid pace.  We have seen his Miami Heat teammates get in on the act of making fun of him, and LeBron himself even tried to join in.  If LeBron intended to make the heckling stop by making fun of himself on Twitter last year, it clearly didn’t work.  Just shave it, LeBron.  This can all go away if you want it to.

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