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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Warriors Guard Charlie Bell Showed Up Drunk to His Drunk Driving Hearing

Warriors guard Charlie Bell was arrested back in October for driving while under the influence.  That doesn’t exactly make him the best role model for the children, but it happens.  Everyone makes mistakes, so hopefully Bell will learn from this.  Sadly, he isn’t exactly off to a great start in terms of redemption.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Bell’s case was supposed to be resolved on Thursday morning.  Had he not shown up to court drunk, it probably would have been.  Bell reportedly blew a .09 when he arrived at court in Michigan and had to be taken into custody for a few hours until he sobered up.  He is expected to be back in court on Friday, when Golden State’s training camp is scheduled to begin.

The legal limit is .08, so Bell almost made the cut and wasn’t staggering or anything like that.  That being said, wouldn’t you avoid any type of alcohol the night before or the morning of an alcohol-related court hearing?  That’s right up there with trying to pull off a chew-and-screw on a $27 restaurant tab.  It will be interesting to see if Bell’s lawyer advises him to insist he accidentally swallowed a whole both of mouthwash the morning of his hearing.

H/T to I Am a GM for passing the story along.

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