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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Chris Sheridan says ’90 percent chance’ LeBron James returns to Cavs

LeBron-James-HeatAll of the LeBron James speculation will hopefully come to a halt by the end of the week. After James meets with Miami Heat president Pat Riley (possibly Wednesday), he should know what his plans for the future are. If you believe Chris Sheridan’s sources, LeBron returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers is pretty much a done deal.

Sheridan reported on his website Tuesday that a “plugged-in source” has told him there is a 90% chance LeBron will return to Cleveland. The source added that the announcement is expected to come on LeBron’s website lebronjames.com, which Sheridan claims is updating its server to handle a massive traffic spike.

On Monday, Sheridan reported that LeBron’s wife and entire inner-circle want him to return to the Cavs. The former ESPN and AP writer seems more convinced than anyone that LeBron is heading back to Cleveland. That said, what’s the use of saying 90 percent? If you’re that convinced LeBron is signing with the Cavs, just make the prediction. Don’t leave the 10% hanging in the wind to cover your ass.

Remember, Sheridan is the same guy who made the mind-boggling decision to not vote LeBron for All-NBA first team last year. We don’t blame you if you hold that against him.

Personally, and this has nothing to do with “sources,” I could see LeBron going back to Cleveland. Why? For starters, the Heat are aging. They can’t offer the type of promising future that young stars like Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins offer. Dwyane Wade is breaking down physically and Chris Bosh is reportedly considering a max offer from a team in his home state. The Cavs, with LeBron, would probably have a better chance to win over the next five years than the Heat.

And then there’s the narrative. Can LeBron really catch Michael Jordan by winning four more rings in Miami? Probably not. Can he become the only NBA player in history to come back and rescue his home state by bringing them a title after breaking their hearts? You know it. The drama associated with the homecoming may be too much for LeBron to pass up.

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