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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Clipper Fan Darrell Officially on Strike

The Clippers are 0-4 to start the season and have already disappointed their fans. Baron Davis admitted he came into camp out of shape and had to miss their last two games because of a knee injury. They’ve had three home games and still lost — albeit to good teams. They were blown out by the Warriors on the road. Their fans are dissatisfied and even the most loyal, dedicated fan of all has voiced his displeasure.

As The Basketball Jones pointed out, the legendary Clipper Darrell has gone on strike. CD is so big time he notified the world in the third person, “All I want to see is love & passion 4 the game …CLIPPER DARRELL IS NOW ON STRIKE!!!! I’m hanging the suit up in the closet.”

If Clipper Darrell has gone on strike then you know things are really bad. I’m heading to watch my first Clippers game of the season as they take on the Thunder tonight and will be able to see for myself whether they lack the effort Darrell says they do. I’ll also be able to report if Clipper Darrell has stayed true to his word. You just know things are really bad when he’s dropped off the band wagon.

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