Danny Ferry Joins Mike Brown Among Nation’s Unemployed

“Would somebody please do something to sign Lebron James?” seems to be the general consensus around NBA front offices this summer. Knowing that change is a necessity for the Cleveland Cavaliers to hold onto their six-time NBA All-Star, the Cavs’ ownership followed up the firing of Mike Brown as head coach with the announcement that they will not maintain Danny Ferry as general manager, opting instead to promote assistant GM Chris Grant to the top executive position. Rumors had been circulating about this move for some time, and the decision became official on the Cavaliers website today with this statement from majority owner Dan Gilbert:

“For five years, Danny Ferry was instrumental in leading the establishment of a culture, process and professionalism that has become part of the fabric of the definition of ‘who’ are the Cleveland Cavaliers. Danny worked extremely hard to create this strong foundation that we will continue to build upon going forward with much gratitude and appreciation. This solid foundation is evident by the natural and clear choice to choose his close associate, Chris Grant, whom Danny worked in partnership with for his entire five years leading the Cavaliers front office, to succeed Danny as the Cleveland Cavaliers new general manager.”

In other words, “See you later Danny, LeBron’s in charge.” Of course, it was abundantly clear that King James was not returning to Cleveland without a new coach and a new general manager, making this a major move in the LeBron summer sweepstakes. Only time will tell if these practical management decisions will be able to compete with the care package of cards, gifts, and signs that Moishe’s moving company is organizing to support New York’s bid for LeBron.

Danny Ferry Resigns as Cleveland Cavaliers General Manger [NBA Fanhouse]

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    That’s a lot of blood to be spilled over a guy who’s signing with another team

  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    You seem so sure, Larry. I think that Gilbert is going to end up keeping him. Just a guess.

  • johnny jihadist

    another one of koach K’s little nancy boys ends up a FAILURE at the next level??…SHOCKER!!…no one ever wants to write any articles about how _all_ of his assistants are terrible when they leave and how virtually none of his players can succeed without him there to tuck them in at night…in fact, the aforementioned danny fairy is the **only one** of his players, after all of these years, that’s won a st00pid pro bouncyball title…that occured, of course, the year he put tim duncan & david robinson on his back and CARRIED the spurs to glory


  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I look at a lot of factors. I think the fans didn’t treat him too well the last few weeks, there’s a lot of pressure to deliver for Cleveland, and I think he has dreams of going to a bigger city. I also think the Cavs are far from winning and that he’s better off picking his team and teammates.