The time Donald Sterling tried to wreck Chris Paul’s marriage

Donald SterlingDonald Sterling is such a repugnant being, he once tried to publicly ruin Chris Paul’s marriage.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne has a pretty incredible piece on Sterling that is full of incredible details and insight about the man and his character. We really recommend you read the entire thing.

One of the notable nuggets mentioned in the lengthy story concerns a party Sterling threw in 2012 to celebrate the Clippers making the playoffs. The whole story about the party is pretty funny, so we’ll include it below. The stuff about CP3’s marriage is just plain sad.

From Shelburne’s story:

In 2012, [Sterling] hired Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin impersonators for a party to celebrate the Clippers’ playoff berth. The Marilyn impersonator tried and failed to coax Blake Griffin and Chris Paul up on stage with her before seductively serenading then-coach Vinny Del Negro while everyone in the room watched. “It was awkward, to put it nicely,” Griffin says. “Vinny ended up biting the bullet for us there.”

Later, Sterling brought Paul up on stage with him. He asked for a round of applause for the point guard who had elevated the franchise to a new level, then joked, “Why is this guy married? Look at all the beautiful women in L.A.” Paul’s wife was in the audience. He smiled uncomfortably and said, “Because I love my wife.”

That’s Sterling in a nutshell for you. Not only is the guy doing his best to encourage CP3 to divorce his wife, but his lack of awareness just shines through. He has no idea about how terribly he comes off for trying to make such a suggestion. And who does that at a formal event full of wives and families?

Below are CP3 and his wife, Jada:

Here’s what he wrote on his Instagram birthday message to her:

“HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to the most amazing and beautiful woman on the face of this earth!!!! My gorgeous wife @Jada_ap!!! Love you babe”

Yeah, it sure sounds like he’s interested in other women. Nice job, Sterling.

If Sterling wants to talk about beautiful women in LA, maybe he needs to take a look at this list of some of the hottest sports wives and girlfriends and readjust his thinking.

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  • John C

    As much as I dislike Sterling it seems like a stretch to say he tried to wreck Paul’s marriage….if anything it sounds like a creepy old dude trying to hit on all the hot women at the party all with one shot. With all that said…Paul’s wife is pretty hot!

  • Kandylicious

    I wouldn`t say Donald Sterling was trying to wreck Paul`s marriage, He probably just didn`t think Paul`s wife was that attractive, Nevertheless it was an inappropriate comment.

  • Ira Solomon

    This article is a joke and the writer is stupid to imply Sterling tried to wreck his marriage.Donald Sterling,has done & said somethings but give me a break.

  • usuck

    This is nothing, a non article.

  • CkyRun

    Yeah, that’s Larry Brown’s MO. Never hard proof, just random rumors and accusations. It’s TMZ light here, bloggers being wannabe journalists.

  • skittles24

    i love cp3s wife too….mmmmmm

  • sickosam

    When is everybody gonna stop piling on this poor old fart? It’s getting old!

  • jamespat

    OMG Larry Brown. Do some stories on Britney, Kim K and Lindsay while you are at it. What ridiculous journalism. This isn’t jr. high.

    This article is as petty as it gets. Trying to get attention from the hate people have for Sterling. Calling this a stretch is being nice.

  • TEAbagger

    Quit riding his dick

  • snuff1

    Paul’s wife has a “drunks” gut on her and fake ones…not that hot. As if he is not boning everything that moves when he is on the road.

  • Andrew Owens

    Sterling has made horrible remarks in the past that are clearly racist, but this is just a hit piece. He was saying Paul’s a very good looking guy who could do well on the dating circuit–it was his attempt to be funny–it was not intended to wreck a marriage–at worst it was a bad joke. This must have been a slow news day.

  • http://theburningbush.disqus.com/ TheBurningBush

    This article is petty and a joke just piling on Don Sterling, Sterling didn’t say any thing Chris haven’t heard from the boys.

  • sgdg

    so a poor joke was encouraging divorce?? REACHING there.

  • Ishkabibble

    So that qualifies as “trying to ruin his marriage?”
    Kinda like LBS trying to come off as a genuinely worthwhile website.

  • Ishkabibble

    Seems like something that’d be right up your alley, right skippy?