Donald Sterling lost his dang mind in court, berated lawyer, called out wife and NBA

Donald SterlingDonald Sterling lost his dang mind in court Tuesday when he testified in the case regarding his removal as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Donald’s wife, Shelly, had her husband examined by two doctors in May who both declared he was mentally unfit to run the team. As a result, Shelly became the sole controller of the Sterling Family Trust — which owned the Clippers — and received the NBA’s blessing to sell the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Sterling is suing and saying he was not legally removed as owner of the team.

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The man who initially made his career and name as a lawyer was in peak condition Tuesday and as combative as you could imagine while testifying in court. ESPN’s Arash Markazi live-tweeted the testimony and described Sterling as “combative” and “argumentative.” Some of the quotes indicate Sterling called out his wife, the NBA and the opposing lawyer.

Take a look at some of these gems as described by Markazi.

Here’s Sterling berating the opposing counsel:

Sterling also criticized the NBA, saying they’re “not good people” and that his wife is “terrified” of them.

He also dropped this bomb on his wife:

Oh, I’m sure Shelly will appreciate that.

For not being able to “run anything,” Shelly sure did well to quickly remove her husband as team owner. She also did a pretty good job of assisting her husband with harassing tenants at some of their housing complexes, so she can’t be too stupid.

Nice try, Don. And class as always.

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  • Kevin Cantor

    What did he say that wasn’t “classy”? Sounds more like you have a predisposed opinion on him and thus will try to take shots at anything he does.

  • JayJayJo

    Larry Brown obviously has an agenda with Donald Sterling. Why are you stooping to such pathetic levels Larry? Integrity has left the Larry Brown sports building, I mean basement.

  • CheezePolize1979

    Jeez, wouldn’t you be combative and argumentative if your business was being stolen away from you like a coup? And all because you spoke your mind using your God given rights while being illegally recorded in private? Yeah this whole story stinks of media bulls$!t.

  • Shalove2

    Nobody’s stealing his business from him. They’re forcing him to take billions for something he only paid a few millions for, Poor Donald.

  • FoxTrotWhiskey1

    Oh forcing someone to relinquish a business they own is so much better because he will make money from it? That is an utterly stupid comment to make, grow up and join the real world before making a comment like this. I guess stomping on someone’s rights and belief’s is ok as long as they are monetarily compensated? Good grief that is absurd.