Dr. Hoops: Did you download those plays I sent you?

I was talking about commercials with a couple of buddies at work the other day, and we all agreed that the Starter Dr. Hoops commercial is far too underrated. Anyone who played ball at recess in school, on the weekend with friends, or in rec leagues surely knows a Dr. Hoops.

I guarantee he reminds you of someone.

The greatest lines:

Nobody calls 3 seconds in a pickup game.
This is how pickup games are won.

And the legendary line, did you download those plays that I sent you?

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  • gpjohn

    the ABSOLUTE best part is this:

    he’s WATCHING the game wearing protective eye-goggles (ala kareem)

    when it’s time for Dr. Hoops to take the floor, we see him subsequently donning a lambeer/r. hamilton-esque clear face-mask.

    kills me every time

  • JohnRameySucks

    well played Mr. Brown,

    Did you download those plays that I sent you?

  • Colin

    I totally agree, we all know guys like this, such an underrated commercial.

  • mark

    this commericals hilarious….one of the best….i laugh almost everytime i see it