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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant in beef over top 10 slight

Kevin Durant Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant are in a social media beef over Durant’s perceived diss of the Miami Heat all-star.

It all started on Tuesday when Durant was making the rounds doing some interviews on behalf of Degree. KD appeared on multiple programs to conduct interviews, but his interview with CineSport’s Noah Coslov created the headlines.

During the interview, Coslov mentioned that SI published their Top 100 players of 2014, and asked for Durant’s opinion of the top 10.

Here were their top 10 players:

    1. LeBron James
    2. Kevin Durant
    3. Chris Paul
    4. Tony Parker
    5. Russell Westbrook
    6. Tim Duncan
    7. Dwight Howard
    8. Dwyane Wade
    9. Kobe Bryant
    10. Carmelo Anthony

When asked who was missing from the list, Durant said his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate, James Harden. Coslov then asked who Harden should replace on the list and, without hesitation, Durant said Wade. You can watch the video below:

Durant Says He'd Take Harden Over Wade by CineSport

Word of the slight got back to Wade, who posted a note on Instagram indicating he wanted to prove Durant wrong:

Dwyane Wade Kevin Durant Instagram

“Don’t believe me just watch,” Wade wrote on Instagram as his caption for the note.

A few minutes later, Durant sub-tweeted Wade in response:

Durant likely has some bitter feelings towards the Heat because his team lost to them in the 2012 NBA Finals. During that series, Durant was caught by TV cameras taunting Wade by saying “you’re too small” after scoring over the Heat guard:

Durant is actually good friends with Wade’s best friend on the Heat, LeBron James. Durant and James work out against each other during the offseason in an effort to push themselves. James has even said Durant is his chief adversary in the league.

Though Durant respects LeBron, the Thunder star recently stated he was tired of finishing second in everything. He obviously wants to surpass James and the Heat, and he obviously doesn’t think too highly of Wade.

There was a time when Wade was a top-3 player in the league and annual MVP candidate. He was brilliant when he and Shaq teamed up to win the NBA title in 2006. But he is older now and probably not a top 10 player thanks to his injuries, though he still has his games where he reminds us of his excellence.

Some have speculated that this could be the beginnings of another Gatorade commercial featuring the two. We have our doubts. Here’s the original:

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