Gilbert Arenas annihilates Roy Hibbert on Instagram

Gilbert-Arenas-Faked-Injury-to-Avoid-BoosThe Washington Wizards grabbed the first game of their Eastern Conference semifinal series with the Indiana Pacers on Monday thanks to a 102-96 victory at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

The Wizards beat the Pacers pretty comfortably on the glass with a 53 to 36 rebound margin.

Among those to see court time for Indiana and not grab a rebound was 7’2″ center Roy Hibbert, who in 18 minutes managed to not get his hands on a single one.

Monday marked the second time this postseason (game 5 vs. Atlanta) Hibbert logged 12+ minutes and didn’t record a rebound.

Roy Hibbert has received his share of criticism during both the regular season and playoffs, and with a performance like Monday’s it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Former Wizard Gilbert Arenas was among the many to get in on the act when he posting the following picture and caption on his Instagram page.

Wait, there’s more.



Ouch. Definitely don’t want to give Gilbert Arenas any material to use against you.

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  • Angel

    Of course David West said they gave the game to the Wizards and that they were in it and had the chance to win. Uh, what game was he talking about. The game I watched, the Wizards looked pretty darn in control to me. Even when the Pacers made their runs. I can’t wait for game 2. GO WIZARDS!!!!!

    And by the way, we drew first blood and now the war has officially started! No way am I saying that the Pacers are out of it. It is a lonnnnng series. I just hope Hibbert doesn’t wake :-)

  • DavoQRC78

    It is alarming to say the least, that an All Star big man can fall off so badly that he cant get at least 1 rebound in a playoff game. Even if his shot is off, at least at his height, he should be able to get one rebound or a putback. For crying out loud, he is taller than everyone else on the court. Confidence is one thing but not getting a rebound is criminal. Even guards barely 6 feet tall be getting 4 and 5. What a shame.