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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Gilbert Arenas Willing to Take Pay Cut

As is often the case, I am a little late to this party. While in LA over the weekend for the Wizards/Lakers game on Sunday, Gilbert got to talking contract. He offered something that you don’t see many athletes doing these days — to take a pay cut:

“I want to see Antawn taken care of first and then I’ll take the pay cut to keep the team intact.

We know what’s in jeopardy so, you know, I told him whatever he wants, give it to him and I’ll take the pay cut. I know what he does. He’s a part of my success and I’m a part of his success so we have this one-two combination that works in this league. We know we make each other better. Someone has to sacrifice. This might be one of his last contracts so I’ll sacrifice and hopefully I’ll get another at the end of the day and if I don’t, I know I did the right thing.”

I don’t know how you could possibly take this as anything other than a guy being generous. I know it’s hard to turn down money when you can get it, but maybe Gil figures he’s earned plenty from his current contract as well as his endorsements. If that’s the case, more power to him. And it’s not like Gil is the type of guy to do something just for his image. He means what he says and I believe him on this. It’s quite honorable and really makes him the true team player.

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