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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Gregg Popovich’s daughter told him ‘get over yourself’ after NBA Finals loss

Gregg PopovichSan Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has accomplished more in his NBA coaching career than most other coaches could ever dream of. He is a four-time NBA champion and two-time coach of the year. Last season, he came one win away from being able to fill an entire hand with championship rings. Pop says the loss to the Miami Heat still haunts him.

The Spurs had the Heat on the ropes in Game 6, which is what the 64-year-old said he thinks about the most.

“Nothing is a release,” he told Buck Harvey of the San Antonio Express-News. “Was there (a Game 7)? I think about Game 6 every day. Without exception. I think about every play. I can see LeBron’s first shot, and the rebound, and the second…”

Popovich then paused and said he has been “lugubrious” — which is apparently a word for incredibly sad — since the season ended. However, Pop admitted he has been incredibly lucky during his career, pointing to Tim Duncan falling to his team in the lottery as an example. He then explained how his daughter Jill has helped him start the healing process.

“OK, Dad, let me get this straight: You won four championships, and you go to a fifth Finals,” Popovich recalled her saying. “Other coaches lose all the time. But poor Greggy can’t lose because he’s special. Can you please get over yourself? End of story.”

That’s better advice than the words of wisdom Doc Rivers gave him. Pop hates to lose and is not afraid to show it, as evidenced by his epic press conference after that Game 6 loss he has been replaying in his head. But between his wife telling him to stop being a jerk to sideline reporters and his daughter telling him to get over himself, it sounds like Popovich has a fantastic support group at home.

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