Gregg Popovich stonewalls Tony Parker, Tim Duncan with Spurs up nearly 30

Apparently no lead is large or satisfying enough when you’re Gregg Popovich.

The San Antonio Spurs just crushed the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7 of their first-round playoff series on Sunday and were up by nearly 30 points early in the fourth quarter. Tim Duncan exited the game a minute into the fourth with his team up by 28 and got a standing ovation from the fans, but he got no such reaction from Pop, who was still busy coaching as if it were a nail-biter.

A few minutes earlier in the game, the same thing happened with Tony Parker. Parker came out with 1:56 left in the third and the Spurs up 89-65, and Pop just stonewalled him, too:

Gregg Popovich Tony Parker

Gregg Popovich Tim Duncan

Hey Pop, why so serious?

At least Pop loosened up after the game was over. Maybe he was too busy thinking about how tough Portland will be in the next round.

Image via Steve Noah

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  • Hacker 16

    Does he consider himself intimidating ?

  • SherylSimpson

    I don’t think he considers himself at all when he’s coaching. I think he was ticked it took this long for his team to take care of business.

  • Sen Bjorn

    whatever he considers himself to be, stubborn, indimidating, perfectionist etc…it’s working…Guy is the best coach in the league by far…GP and Phil Jackson are the best in the last 20 years

  • Hacker 16

    Ok, I can see that. But he does it in interviews also, like with Craig Sager..lol

  • Hacker 16

    Oh I agree, four rings and should of had fifth one last year. I hope they can get it this year, love to see it happen. But Pop could smile once and a while..lol

  • Sen Bjorn

    yea very true, he is pretty endearing and funny when he wants to be….good point