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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Harrison Barnes fell on his head, got stitches, was cleared to return, then left with headaches

Harrison Barnes WarriorsThe Golden State Warriors medical staff may be faced with some questions after what happened with Harrison Barnes during Game 6 of the Warriors’ season-ending 94-82 loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night.

Barnes went to defend Boris Diaw late in the second quarter when he was up-ended and fell hard on the floor. He landed on his face and was down for several minutes before walking off to the locker room.

Barnes received six stitches above his eye during halftime but returned to start the second half. He then left the game in the fourth quarter because of headaches. What’s odd is the medical staff said he passed his concussion tests and was cleared to play at halftime. He finished with nine points and four rebounds.

(Here comes the obligatory “I’m not a doctor, but …)

I’m not a doctor, but doesn’t it sound to you like Barnes may have exhibited some concussion signs? The guy fell on his face and landed hard. He left the game with headaches. I know it was the last game of the season and all, but maybe they should not have cleared him to return to the game. You figure that would have been obvious, but maybe not.

Here’s a look at the stitches above Barnes’ eye:

That was definitely questionable from the medical staff. How can a guy get tested for all the symptoms and pass, but then leave a game a bit later with headaches?

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