Could Isiah Thomas be hired as Pistons GM?

Isaiah-ThomasThe Detroit Pistons are in need of some serious changes, as they are currently on their way to a sixth straight losing season. Isiah Thomas is returning to Auburn Hills at the end of March to help the team acknowledge the 25th anniversary of its first championship team, and one report says he may be there to stay.

Mitch Lawrence of the NY Daily News, who has been spot-on with a number of reports this season, cited sources on Saturday who claim Pistons owner Tom Gores may be thinking of hiring Thomas as the team’s next general manager. Current GM Joe Dumars, who has fired eight head coaches since 2000, is not expected to be re-signed when his contract expires after the season.

“Gores is definitely looking at Isiah to replace Joe,” a source reportedly told Lawrence.

The Pistons are probably the only team in the league whose fans would be excited to welcome Thomas. He led the team to two NBA championships during his 14 seasons as a player in Detroit. However, Thomas’ resume when it comes to assembling an NBA roster is hardly impressive.

In 2003, the New York Knicks hired Thomas as their president of basketball operations. He proceeded to spend a ton of money and trade away draft picks while assembling some of the worst teams in Knicks’ history.

Lawrence also speculated that Mike Woodson could become a candidate to coach the Pistons next year, as he could very well be fired before the end of the season. Thomas and Woodson were teammates at Indiana and are close friends.

Personally, I don’t understand how Thomas would ever find a front office job in the NBA again given the disaster in New York. But if any team was going to hire him, I guess the Pistons would make sense.

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  • SpinMax

    Keep Joe

  • Vermin_Cain

    Poor Mike Woodson…No coach can save the Knicks. You can have a staff of Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Red Auerbach and Doc Rivers, the Knicks would still find a way to screw it up.

  • http://orangecountybankruptcyinfo.com/ Patrick OKennedy

    You are dead wrong about PIstons fans being excited about the prospect of Isaiah in any management capacity with the team. They’re not that foolish. There would be a full scale revolt among the fan base if Gores made a move that dumb.

  • Russ

    That would be awful, Thomas ran the Knicks into the ground. Who in their right mind would ever hire him again except Dolan, and Dolan has no idea what he is doing.

  • Steve Biernacki

    Hometown Guy from Hamtramck, MI –Rudy “T” Tomjanovich or Bill Laimbeer should be the choices for the next Piston front Office jobs …….

  • Steve Biernacki

    RUDY TOMJANOVICH —- If we are going to win– get a Hometown Guy —He was born and raised in Hamtramck , Michigan —- Went to University of Michigan as an All-American — an NBA All- Star — An NBA Championship Coach — If any one can get him to come home it would be Tom Gores —- Go get him !!!!!

  • Jason Adams

    Let’s not be so quick to dis Zeke. He did a decent job as coach of the Pacers years ago. He did draft Damon Stodemire in Toronto. No one can fix the Knicks. Larry Brown, Woodson, D’antoni…they all have failed. In fact, no one has worked out there since Jeff Van Gundy and Pat Riley. So we can’t really hold that against him too harshly. Why not Thomas? He would be the only one who might hire Bill Laimbeer, who is the obvious choice if we want to seriously make a play for Kevin Love next year. Joe would never hire one of his former Bad Boy teammates because he don’t want to have to fire them. But Zeke would not hesitate to ax his own brother, let alone one of his championship bretheren. I kinda like it. I hope Bill Laimbeer is the coach, regardless of who the GM is, though. He has a relationship with Kevin Love, and I think he is the best big man in the NBA right now. If he can be convinced to come to Detroit, he would turn our franchise around almost instantly.

  • Jim Bunion

    Zeke is stupid and he does not get along with people.