Jason Terry hopes Celtics tattoo will bring championship luck

When Jason Terry showed off his new Boston Celtics-themed championship tattoo over the weekend, we assumed he got the new ink in hopes of repeating history. In an interview with Celtics.com reporter Molly McGrath, he confirmed that was the case.

“I did it with the Mavericks before the season the year we won it,” Terry said. “So hopefully this year we’ll have the luck of the leprechaun and we’ll get it done again.”

The 34-year-old is stoked to be with Boston.

“I’m excited to be in Celtic green,” he said. “The mystique, the championship pedigree, the heritage, just being in Boston is going to be great for me. Coming from Dallas that was a great franchise, but this organization is first class. I can’t wait to put that uniform on.”

Terry seemed so jazzed about talking Celtics that he said things like put the uniform on again, even though he’s never played with the team before, and that Boston is a first-class organization, with the implication being that Dallas was not. I don’t think Terry meant either one — it just meant to me that he lost himself while speaking because he was so excited. But will he be able to realize his championship dream with Boston? I don’t think so.

Dallas played extremely well that postseason and topped several teams whom many considered to be superior. The Celtics are a team many consider to be good, but few believe they can win the title. They would need a lot of injuries to opposing players to have a shot, and then they would need everyone to play at a high level like what happened in Dallas. They just need too much to go their way in order to win it all, and I don’t see that happening.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremiahgiles Jeremiah Shane Giles

    So, Boston improved their roster…they took the Heat to the ropes in the ECF…and they have a legit argument that they should’ve won game 2 with that terrible officiatig.  How are they not legitimate contenders for a title this season?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    The Nets improved and won’t be an easy out. Miami got Ray Allen. The Lakers have Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, and the Thunder are still there. Even if Boston emerges in the East, they’re not as good as the Lakers or Thunder IMO.