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Monday, June 25, 2018

Jay-Z has LeBron’s Back: Rips DeShawn with New Song

OK, so you pretty well know about Gilbert Arenas talking smack on the Cavs prior to their playoff series saying that he wanted Cleveland in the post-season. DeShawn Stevenson got into the act as well, adding that LeBron was overrated. LeBron laughed it off, equating it to Soulja Boy making a crack about Jay-Z. Well, we all know how close LeBron and Jay-Z are, so apparently LeBron had Jay-Z go to bat for him:

LeBron twice said, “There is no LeBron-DeShawn rivalry.” But he had reinforcements behind the scenes, big guns that came out Friday night at a club called Love.

That’s right, in the wee hours of Friday night at Love, the Northeast club which hosted Gilbert Arenas’ million-dollar 25th birthday party last year, the deejay played a new cut by Jay-Z. The hip-hop icon actually cut it Friday and had it downloaded for a party hosted by LeBron James at the club that night. Stevenson was told that the lyrics just eviscerated him — in his own town.

That’s when you know you have some pull — when you have a superstar rapper like Jay-Z customizing personal songs for you. Even Gilbert was impressed that Jay-Z made a song for LeBron. So DeShawn invites Soulja Boy to a game, LeBron responds by having Jay-Z write a song. How’s that for a tradeoff. Also as a note, Stevenson says the whole trash-talking started when LeBron cracked on DeShawn within earshot of Drew Gooden (Stevenson’s best friend from their days in Orlando). I’m guessing Gooden must have passed word along once the Cavs traded him away to Chicago. Good thing — it sure has provided us plenty of entertainment.

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