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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Jeremy Lamb appears to question Andre Drummond’s work ethic

Andre Drummond is one of the most interesting prospects in this year’s NBA draft. If a team was drafting strictly based on size, the 6-foot-10, 270-pound UConn center could be the number one pick in the draft. Obviously, there’s more to it than that. Drummond is an extremely raw talent, and apparently teams may also need to be concerned about his work ethic. Former teammate Jeremy Lamb — who is also expected to be a first-round pick — made an interesting comment about the big man on Monday.

“It depends on if he wants to work,” Lamb said according to Blazers Edge when asked if Drummond can be great. “He’s a great athlete. He can jump. He can block shots. He can rebound. I always say, it’s funny, we will have an early practice at like 8 AM, and everyone is trying to get warmed up and stuff. He’ll just come out and do a windmill to warm up. His bounce is amazing. I believe he’s going to work hard, develop post moves, I think he can be a great pro.”

That isn’t exactly the greatest endorsement you can get from someone who has been around you and seen you work. The important thing to remember is that Drummond is only 19 years old, so some team is going to take a chance on him and hope he matures. That being said, there’s nothing worse than a player who has all the physical tools but refuses to put the time in. Hopefully Drummond can avoid that reputation as he begins his NBA career.

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