Joey Crawford interrupts Kevin Durant to yell at scorekeepers (Video)

Joey Crawford Kevin DurantNBA referee Joey Crawford was jealous that Donald Sterling was getting all the headlines on Tuesday, so he did what he could to ensure he got some attention.

Crawford decided to interrupt Kevin Durant, who was preparing for a second free throw with 27.5 seconds left in overtime of Game 5 between the Thunder and Grizzlies, in order to yell at people keeping track of the game at the scorer’s table. It sounded like he wanted them to place a team foul on the scoreboard, though it was tough to tell exactly what he was complaining about.

Then again, this is Joey Crawford we’re talking about — it doesn’t take much for him to go bananas.

Crawford icing Durant definitely worked, because the Slim Reaper missed the next free throw, and the Thunder lost 100-99.

I don’t care what Crawford had to say, I don’t think he needed to jump in front of Durant to do it.

Here’s what Thunder coach Scott Brooks said about it after the game:

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  • Tammy Hicks Pearce

    Just terrible! Really! You can’t wAit until after a free throw to address a foul count error! He looked like he was going to beat the guy up he was so mad!

  • Billy__Goat

    This is how they freeze the player.. Also by substituting in and out players. I quit watching the NBA years ago. It’s horrible. The better team usually never wins the game. The whistle blows every trip down the floor, specially in the last 5 min. The refs dictate the pace of the game, also the out come. If a team is red hot they slow the tempo by blowing the whistle and forcing the other team to the foul line to get back in the game. Next NBA game look into the the box score. 90 percent of the time the team that shoots more free throws wins the game, even tho they sometimes shoot less from the field & 3s. I looked last week and out of 20 playoff games played so far the team that shot the most free throws won 17 times.. Only sport where a penalty directly results into free points for the opposing team. To much power in their hands!