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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Joey Crawford scolds ball boy over his mop work (Video)

Joey-Crawford-ball-boyJoey Crawford has a reputation for being one of the most short-tempered officials in the NBA. We have seen him hand out technical fouls to plenty of players and coaches throughout the years, but we saw something new from the old grump on Tuesday night that raised an interesting question — can ball boys get T’ed up?

The Philadelphia 76ers were set to inbound the ball in the third quarter when Crawford spotted a wet spot on the floor. He motioned for one of the ball boys to come over with a mop to wipe it up, and a young man responded by hastily trying to remedy the situation. As he was walking away, something set Crawford off.

Joey then walked toward the kid like he was going to toss him out of the game, if that’s even possible. Crawford berated the ball boy some more before two other kids came over and tended to the wet spot with towels.

Now do you see why players joked about shooting Crawford on Halloween? He doesn’t just have a quick trigger with tossing players. The guy obviously has a short fuse in general. Settle down, Joey. They’re just kids.

Video via Next Impulse Sports

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