Josh Howard Is Anti-American … and Pretty Dumb

Josh Howard sure is carving out quite the niche here at LBS. Not only did he freely admit to smoking herb as an NBA player, but he also was out partying while his team was losing in the playoffs, and he recently got busted for speeding in his hometown. The latest knock against Howard comes courtesy of my boy HG at You Been Blinded who spotted Josh Howard saying some pretty boneheaded, negative things about the National Anthem. This was from the Allen Iverson Celebrity Football Game back in July. Fast forward to the 1:43 mark.

I’m pretty surprised that the video made its way from You Been Blinded to the Dallas Morning News where Mark Cuban made a comment, and then to ESPN a day later. Sure is an indication that the mainstream media isn’t afraid of stories blogs find. Additionally, I can’t believe how dumb Josh Howard is. Even if he does feel that way, who the heck says so publicly? And Mark Cuban continually defending him? Maybe it’s time he moved on considering Josh Howard isn’t that good as a player.

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  • Gene

    What an idiot! Only in the USA can someone make that kind of money and be ungrateful. Howard should be kissing the ground he walks on that he has been blessed with decent basketball talent and has been rewarded financially and with a celebrity status. I guess that isn’t enough for him, and he compounds the problem by opening up his big mouth. In a couple of months he’ll probably wonder why he doesn’t get any lucrative endorsements.

  • http://www.pointguardu.com/cats NICK

    what a retard this kid is. As a veteran if i ever see him in person ill be tempted to punch him in the face.

  • john

    Here is another example of that “I’m black so everybody owes me something and I don’t have to respect anyone or anything” attitude. This moron doesn’t seem to realize that the nation that flag and anthem represents is what not only made him wealthy but also allows him to act like the absolute idiot he is. As far as rights go…the fact that he is black gives him more rights than a white person…..hence…..there is no caucasion heritage month, you don’t get extra points on SATs if you are white, affirmative action doesn’t hand a job to a white person (aff act is a quota, no matter what anybody says), there is no united caucasion college fund !!…….etc. Quit your whining and blaming everybody else for your poor life. Bill Cosby is right….these punks should stand up and set a good example for once…get rid of the attitude. You are supposed to be an american, act like one. My personal opinion is….use rights…..you have the right to leave!! Go live in a third world country for a year, live like the local people, work like normal people, come back after a year and tell me you don’t have it good here. I wish the professional sports would set an example of idiots like this….you are supposed to be a professional, if you can’t act like one then leave. I do hope he loses all of his endorsements…you can be rest assured anything he endorses I will not use.
    Also, quit blaming whitey for you troubles, I never owned a slave and you were never a slave……oh, by the way……whitey didn’t go to africa, abduct you and enslave you…….your own black brothers did, they are the ones who sold you to whitey, you were already a slave to some other black tribe.